DC Multiverse-Azrael

Let’s play a game.We’ll call it the “Other Characters Azrael Could Easily Be Mistaken For” game!

1.An updated version of Medieval Spawn (updated,medieval- oxymoron?)

2.ezio auditore da Firenze (Assassins Creed)

3.Storm Shadow

4.Generic Indiana Jones villain

5.The Mincer (Shredder’s evil-er twin)

6.Anno Domini-Cobra Commander’s religious consultant

7.Gargamel’s cat

Can you guys think of any?




RSCN7766 RSCN7767




DC Multiverse-Deadshot

Another nice looking figure from the DC multiverse line, this is the video game rendition of Deadshot-I think. Like I said, I’m not that familiar with the DC universe, but Deadshot is a character I do remember seeing within the limited amount of DC comics I had as a kid.While I like the classic look better, this one looks nice ,too. One thing that stands out to me about this figure are the folds and the overall puffiness of what looks to be a down jacket/vest.The gauntlets could have used a little bit of an accent but look cool for a 3 3/4 figure.I can’t stress enough the neatness of the paint on these Multiverse figures. No blotches or markings on spots other than where they should be.The difference in articulation is a welcomed change for a predominant Marvel Universe/G.I. Joe collector like myself, although I still prefer the latter. Nonetheless, a very cool line of figures!











Multiverse Mania!

Surprised by the wifey today with some DC Multiverse figures! She took a gamble and figured I would like the Azrael figure and then threw Batman and Deadshot into the mix 🙂 My interest in action figures has been subsiding as of late, but I am lacking in decently articulated 3 3/4 DC figures, so this line should fill that void nicely.The movie version of Batman from the Multiverse line is one figure I will seriously be coveting and should be released sometime in April I believe. For now this version will do and isn’t as bad as I thought It would be. In fact ,he looks pretty friggin’ cool!The paint really pops on this figure and photographs well.My lone gripe would have to be the lack of any weapons or accessories. Nothing.Not even a projectile in the shape of a bat. Not even a bat in the shape of a projectile.Yup. Nada.That said,the sculpt and articulation points are this figures saving grace and I recommend picking this one up If you ever come across it in the wiz-ild.




                                             “Look what I can do!”






Dark Knight Rises-Batman

I can’t believe this is my first Batman figure in ..well…30 years.I was around 6 years old living in Puerto Rico when i got my first Batman and Robin figures.It was Christmas time  and i can still remember my aunt messing with my head telling me that Santa forgot to give her my present lol.She got me good because because i can rememeber feeling extremely sad about it.Until she reached inside of  a big,black plastic bag  and pulled out this amazing set that included the Batmobile with the Batman and Robin figures.It was insane!I’ve searched everywhere on the internet for that set and can’t find it.The one detail that i can vivdly remember were the capes on both Batman and Robin.They were made out of a very hard,stiff plastic.I was 6 so the year was 1982-83.If anyone has any idea which set this was,please gimme some info 😉 I now officially own my second Batman figure and i really like it.One of my biggest beefs with contemporary Batman figures is their cartoonish appearance.Kenner and ToyBiz produced more realistic looking versions of Batman in the 80’s and 90’s,but then the animated series came out.I liked the animated series and always thought it had great writing/stories,but was never a big fan of  the broad shouldered look they gave Batman.The same went for the figures.It seems like from that point on every action figure of a  DC character had to have those wonky,broad shoulders.I never dug it.This Batman figure suffers from lack of articulation,yes,but makes up for it with the clean and very detailed sculpt imo.There are certain figures that give you a  sense of excitement when photographing them,such was the case with DKR Batman.The overall appearance of the figure is so bad ass that it doesn’t really matter what pose you have him in.He will still look bad ass.









Birthday cash,nothing to spend it on!

I must say that i did have a great B-Day overall,spending it with the fam at an amazing little out of the way park over the weekend.I also received a little bit of  birthday cash and decided to pick up a couple figures that had been on my radar,and then check out the local hobby shop as well as Toys R Us to see what they had.Now,i’m not the type of collector that goes out of the way to find what i’m looking for.Usually if Wal Mart doesn’t have something then i might check out the local Target or nearby pharmacies but that’s about it.I rarely go to TRU or hobby shops for that matter.Today i decided to go against the grain and traverse crappy little “under construction” roads to see what TRU had to offer seeing as how the Comic shop had pretty much nothing in the way of action figures…although i was impressed at how they were able to make their floors so sticky.Anyways,TRU disappointed with a bunch of wave 1 Retaliation Joes,hoards of 6 inch figures and overpriced playsets.A big W.A.G.(Waste Of Gas)(Waste-A-Gas) My bad 😦  Luckily my trusty Wal-Mart still had 600 rows of  Superman  MOS figures left as well as the 3 3/4  Drak Knight  figures that just refuse to leave the party.And some may argue that Wal-Mart also has sticky floors and i would say to them “True,but they also have the best deal on single rolls of  GV toilet paper.”


Library Stop: DC Countdown To Final Crisis V.1

In an attempt to familiarize myself more with the DC universe,i picked up a copy of DC Countdown To Final Crisis V.1 . Now i realize that this may not be the best of starting points seeing as how everything including the kitchen sink seems to be hitting the fan in this book and the immense cast of characters can become a bit overwhelming and difficult to keep up with at times,but it’s those same super cool and awesome characters that kept me from ever wanting to put this book down!Although most of these super heroes and villains are new to me (with the exception of  The Flash,Batman,The Joker and Superman etc.) i was able to quickly get a sense of there personalities and tendencies due to the great dialogue used throughout this amazing TPB. I instantly took  to and became a fan of characters like  Jason Todd A.K.A. The Red Hood,Mirror Master, Trickster and Piper , The Suicide Squad…and the list goes on!The story is a perpetual roller coaster ride with side winding sub-plots,foreshadowing flashbacks  and sometimes humorous  dialogue that will make you chuckle out loud  while reading. Props to DC!

DC Countdown To Final Crisis