Dollar General G.I. Joe – Snake Eyes (repaint)

When i first spotted this figure on the pegs at my local DG,i noticed there was something off about it but i couldn’t quite put my finger on it.So i snagged it up anyways,took some pics and put a big “CLASH ALERT!” arrow on it instead.The court finds the web gear guilty on one count of  clashing in the 1rst degree.And even though it fits, i refuse to acquit.Subsequently,i  grabbed my ROC Ripcord figure’s gear  and equipped “greenie” with it,and it didn’t look that bad.I’ll probably give Ripcord his vest back and elect to go web-gear-less with this particular Snake Eyes figure when displaying.












Dollar General G.I. Joe – Snake Eyes (Repaint)

I picked this  up a little while ago and since then i’ve opened and played with it a bit.I’m not too thrilled with this version but it will fit in nicely with the rest of my Snake Eyes figures.Loose pics coming soon!Also,My girlfriend recently picked up an awesome  display case for me,well sorta,that i’ll be showing soon here on Action Figs and Things.So stay tuned for that and future posts on Zod,Batman and the Avengers reference book as well!


G.I. Joe Dollar General-Duke

It still sounds funny to me when i call them  Dollar General Joes,but that’s what they are.In fact Dollar General brought the boom with these exclusive figures as they are,in many ways,better than the Retaliation stuff that’s coming out now. The one thing you can tell right away when have one of these figures in-hand is the quality of the plastic and/or joints as they feel slightly softer than the premium Retaliation figs.Nothing drastic though.The Duke figure perplexes me.In fact i don’t know why they didn’t just name this figure “Grunt”  or even “Short Fuze”.I searched the YOJOE.COM database for a duke figure that even slightly resembles this one but couldn’t find one.This must be Duke in his early years, before becoming a Seargent in the Joe ranks.All that aside,it’s still nice looking.Everything a kid would want out of a military based  action figure.This one has “solo mission” written all over it.In a way i’m glad Dollar General has made these figures available to the masses at the convinient price of  6 dollars.I think this will help introduce the G.I. Joe universe to the younger generation of  kids who are in desperate need of a break from Power Rangers and battle based trading cards.Just my opinion 🙂










Dollar General G.I. Joe -Shipwreck

I spent close to a month dipping in and out of my local Dollar General in search of these elusive little suckers only to be let down with each visit.I was starting to feel like one of those Bigfoot field researchers who traverse the forests of Kentucky only to be disappointed with their findings,or lack there of. I certainly wasn’t about to start doing a Bigfoot like Hasbro G.I. Joe call in the middle of  the toy aisle because  frankly that would have freaked out the nice people working and shopping at Dollar General,so my hunt for the exclusive Joe figures would ultimately come to an end.Enter KJ , CODE NAME : Buzzchuck  😉 I gotta give a crazy shout out to Buzz from Action Figure Adventures for not only sending me an awesome  assortment of action figures,but for also including this Dollar General Shipwreck figure.Of all the figures from this line,Shipwreck was the figure I wanted the most and thanks to Buzz I can finally add him to my collection!



G.I. Joe Retaliation-Storm Shadow

I have to say this has got to be one of the most exciting times for G.I. Joe action figure collectors and toy collectors in general.The buzz created by the Dollar General Joes and Retaliation figures is entertaining the cr#% out of me lol!The stories that I’ve read on forums about people trying to hunt down some of these elusive figures are hilarious!Heck I’m even guilty of walking into my local Dollar General store on more than one occasion only to be disappointed with my findings, or lack there of.Retaliation figures I’m thinking are a little easier to come by, although they are still pretty scarce around my neck of the woods.The other day i was lucky enough to find the Snake Eyes from that line but it was really the Storm Shadow that i was coveting.My searches for 2012 Joe awesomeness  were becoming more and more discouraging to say the least and i ultimately found myself succumbing to the sultan of surplus …Ebay!There was no way that i was going to drop 40 bucks on any of those Dollar General Joe’s so that turned my attention to the more reasonably priced  Retaliation figures.For about 12 bucks($9-$3.50 shipping) i was able to pick up Storm Shadow, the one figure that i really wanted from the Retaliation line.I think this   Storm Shadow dwarves  any of the ROC/POC  versions.One detail that i feel all Ninja figures should have are the split toe(jika-tabi) shoes and this figure has them.They also rock side to side for pose-ability.Although not movie accurate or traditional,I love the sculpt of the figure.This Storm Shadow feels and looks like a Ninja.The head sculpt is great and his eyes have a more menacing look than some of the ROC versions did.If i had to use one word to describe this figure, it would be “Sleek”.The White w/ Gray color scheme really flows and the placement and size of the Cobra insignia is perfect.Retaliation Stormie is solid and if your looking for a futuristic, more updated and less exaggerated version of him then this is the one to get. Enjoy the pics!