G.I. Joe Dollar General-Duke

It still sounds funny to me when i call them  Dollar General Joes,but that’s what they are.In fact Dollar General brought the boom with these exclusive figures as they are,in many ways,better than the Retaliation stuff that’s coming out now. The one thing you can tell right away when have one of these figures in-hand is the quality of the plastic and/or joints as they feel slightly softer than the premium Retaliation figs.Nothing drastic though.The Duke figure perplexes me.In fact i don’t know why they didn’t just name this figure “Grunt”  or even “Short Fuze”.I searched the YOJOE.COM database for a duke figure that even slightly resembles this one but couldn’t find one.This must be Duke in his early years, before becoming a Seargent in the Joe ranks.All that aside,it’s still nice looking.Everything a kid would want out of a military based  action figure.This one has “solo mission” written all over it.In a way i’m glad Dollar General has made these figures available to the masses at the convinient price of  6 dollars.I think this will help introduce the G.I. Joe universe to the younger generation of  kids who are in desperate need of a break from Power Rangers and battle based trading cards.Just my opinion 🙂










Marvel Avengers – Nick Fury

This was a figure that i’ve wanted to add to the collection for a while now.Much like Hobby over at http://monstercafesaltillo.blogspot.com/   ,i’m not very fond of  films that go and change everything that was cool about a character from the comics ,almost reinventing and fixing something about them that was never broken to begin with.Such was the case with Kingpin in the Daredevil film released years back.It happens,and in most cases it doesn’t work…..until you give the role to someone like Samuel Jackson.I love Sam Jackson.Heck Samuel Jackson would have been a better Duke than Channing Tatum IMO.And in the case of Nick Fury,i like the old school look  as well as the Samuel Jackson version of him.I’m not sure when the Nick Fury metamorphosis took place,but in the end i like what they’ve done with him.I love the figure,too,although i wish they would have placed those pesky serial numbers somewhere less visible than on the insides of his boots.Other than that,he’s pretty solid.






First Iron Man now Nick Fury?Duke’s definitely up to something 😉


G.I. Joe POC -Conrad “Duke” Hauser v.43 (Team Commander)

According to YoeJoe.com there are 48 versions of  G.I.Joe’s 1rst  Seargeant Duke.This is v.43.This one had the disadvantage of being released in a line of  superbly sculpted and designed POC figures,and because of that was shrugged off by many a collector.After all,you weren’t going to pass up a Ninja Commando Snake Eyes or  Shock Trooper to pick up this less than stellar version of Duke.But now that all the pretty girls have left the party so-to-speak,this one doesn’t look so bad ;)I found this straggler a while back in the clearance bin and paid about 3 bucks for it.I really like the stearn look on the head sculpt and while the overall look of the figure is a bit plain,militarily it works. This Duke figure has the look of a “Team Commander” and really looks nice when placed in front of a group of other Joe’s.Needless to say,the accessories are abundant with this one and really pack a punch.Ya gotta wonder if  Tony Stark had anything to do with those shoulder mounted cannons this version of Duke sports.


You’re not seeing double.Dukes file card features the same face as Air Raid,released with the Sky Sweeper in the ROC line.











G.I. Joe ROC – Conrad “Duke” Hauser v.38 (Rescue Mission)

This figure came to me loose with the Snake Eyes of the same “Rescue Mission” set.Not much to say about this one.Just your average  Channing Tatum AKA Duke figure. At first i thought this was movie accurate but it seems like the colors of his uniform are a bit off.Inverted i think.Not much of a biggie since this will not be my go-to Duke figure.He will however look great next to other ROC Joes dressed in the light gray camouflage.And since i don’t own many of the light gray camouflaged  ROC Joes there will be no group shots at this time.Hopefully soon though.










G.I. Joe ROC Duke 12/19-12/26

Here is one of  the many variations of  Duke from the G.I. Joe ROC movie  action figure line.In fact i think this may have been the first version of Duke to hit the pegs when these movie figures first released.I have to say that out of all the Dukes that came out for this line this one is my favorite.The funny thing is that this figure represents Duke before he joins the Joe team,which to me makes this version that much cooler.JDubG over at Metal Borgs posted about this figure a couple weeks back,check it out when you get the chance.

G.I. J oe ROC Duke

File Card

1984 G.I. Joe A.R.A.H. Duke 11/21-11/27

This Duke figure is on my “top 5  Action Figures Owned” list.I always wanted this one as a kid and ultimately had to settle for his Tiger Force version.I never really liked that version of him  because of the darker hair color.Fortunately and thanks to E bay i was able to pick this guy up a while back for a pretty decent price.He came with pretty much all of his accessories accept for his file card.

1984 Duke


Cont. Pics