Generator Rex – Biowulf w/ Gila-Fang E.V.O.

Biowulf  is one of  Van Kleiss’s  henchmen and second in command of “The Pack”.He is a cybernetic Wolf-like creature with enhanced senses,speed and agility.At one point Biowulf  took over for Kleiss as leader of “The Pack” and showed great leadership skills while gaining the utmost respect from E.V.O.’s under his command.Biowulf  momentarily joined forces with Rex when the shileld around the “Bug Jar” was down and aided in repairing it.

Another solid figure from MATTEL’S Generator Rex line,Biowulf  is your quintessential bad a#$ henchman.Sporting Lady Deathstrike-like claws and standing a bit taller  shorter than his leader Van Kleiss,Biowulf  is a welcome addition to my collection of Generator Rex figures.This is one of the few characters to feature an articulated abdomen allowing for a wider array of Warewolf- like poses.

Biowullf’s E.V.O. is called Gila Fang.Gila Fang can be found in the “Bug Jar”,a city that has been quarantined due to to a high population of  hostile E.V.O.’s.

Generator Rex- Van Kleiss w/ Larvus E.V.O.

This guy here is my favorite of the few G.R.  figures i picked up recently.This is Van Kleiss,leader of  a dangerous group of E.V.O.’s called The Pack.Van Kleiss is a scientist who was also exposed to Nanites,in fact when the blast that released these Nanites occurred,Kleiss was in the epicenter of it.Van Kleiss is Rex’s arch-enemy and constantly tries to persuade him to join The Pack but to no avail.Kleiss has the ability to drain Nanites out of any E.V.O.  and can create E.V.O. ‘s as well.

There really aren’t any flaws on this figure.The paint is top notch as well as the sculpt and representation of the character.Van Kleiss has your typical “bad guy” feel to him and literally rules with an iron hand.

If there was one thing i would have liked to see added to this figure,it would be leg articulation.Other than that Van Kleiss is a pretty solid action figure!

Van Kleiss’s E.V.O. is called Larvus.Larvus has the ability to take on a human form and can also transform into a large slug like creature!

Next  we’ll be taking a look at Van Kleiss’s right hand man..errr..E.V.O. Biowulf!

Generaotor Rex – Agent Six w/ Incisorax E.V.O.

Agent Six’s back story is pretty extensive but here is a brief  bio.”Agent Six is an agent of Providence,an organization that works towards curing or killing off hostile E.V.O.S. After developing a soft spot for Rex , Agent Six  takes him under his wing acting as a mentor of sorts.Agent Six is the 6th most  dangerous man on the planet,hence the name Agent Six.Six is a skilled martial artist with enhanced strength and prefers to use   swords and knives to guns and ammo.” How can you not love a character with these characteristics?If you would like to read more here is a link to the Wiki page Now that we’ve got that out of the way,let’s get into to figure review!

Here is a figure that could have gotten some real special treatment in the articulation department.I believe that any action figure with a martial arts background should have added articulation for obvious reasons.This Agent Six figure also suffers from the permanent bend in his left leg because of the way he was packaged. But again,this really doesn’t bother me because it kind of  fits the overall lanky character design.

Another problem area with this figure is his left hand,which is a little bit more opened than his right hand making it impossible for Six to hold his second Katana by the handle.I ultimately had to have him hold it by the  blade which is a little thicker than the handle. The articulation is limited for a martial arts themed figure but works well and stays true to the line’s character designs.I also love the paint on these figures.The bright, cartoonish colors should really make any toy display pop!

Every Generator Rex figure comes with it’s own E.V.O. (Exponentially Variegated Organism) mini-figure and this ones name is Incisorax!In the cartoon series,Incisorax inhabit a city(A.K.A. Bug Jar) that was contaminated and overrun by a large number of Nanites that eventually turned every living organism within it into E.V.O.’s. Eventually every human survivor was evacuated from the city and and a force field was set up around it in attempts to quarantine all hostile E.V.O.’s

Generator Rex-Punk Busters Rex w/Rhinocerage E.V.O.

I remember walking down the aisles of a Kay-Bee toy store as a kid and finding some very cool Flash Gordon Defenders of the Earth figures warming the pegs of  the clearance section. Not only were they low priced(can’t remember how much they were exactly) but nearly every figure from the line was there.I remember picking up  Ming and Flash Gordon as well as a Phantom figure if my memory serves me correct.Now while i doubt that those three particular figures made up the entire wave,it was cool to be able to take home the protagonist in Flash Gordon his trusty side-kick Phantom and his arch-enemy Ming!Being able to have a few of the main characters of an action figure line meant instant hours of  epic play time and the ability to re-create cool cartoon scenarios without having to bring in any odd-ball  characters from other toy lines.I kind of  got that good ol’ fashion feeling again when i spotted most of the major players from Cartoon Networks animated series Generator Rex,for a buck a piece!Had there been only one character available i probably would have passed but i wasn’t  about to pass on snagging up practically a whole wave of  figures for 5 bucks and some change.

I was never that big on the series but always thought the art and animation was top notch.Apparently there was a big explosion releasing Nanites into the atmosphere that infected everything on Earth,causing animals as well as humans to mutate  and gain super abilities.Rex was one of the few who retained his human appearance even after being infected by the Nanites and acquiring the ability to morph into various mechanical shapes and forms.This version of Rex features him in his “Punk Busters”, over sized mechanical shoes that allow Rex to walk around without tiring,jump high and also kick the cr#$ out of evil E.V.O.’s  😉

These figures vary in size but are all around the 3 to 3 3/4 inch range.I really love the bright colors on these figures and the sculpts are cool as well.Most of the figures from this line have articulated arms ,legs and heads while certain Rex figures have mechanical weapons attached to either his arms or legs that have additional points of articulation.

MATTEL did a great job with these figures only i wish the plastic they opted to use was a bit harder.It’s a bit on the soft rubbery side  and some of the figures,the skinny one’s mostly,tend to have a permanent bend in their legs but not enough to drive me crazy.As you can see it doesn’t affect the pose-ability at all.

Every Generator Rex figure comes with it’s own species of  E.V.O. Rhinocerage is a two foot tall E.V.O. with above average strength that also happens to be blind.

These little guys are awesome and have the same quality of  toys you would find inside of those novelty figurine blind bags.I can’t wait to open the rest of these figures as these mini E.V.O.’s would look great together in a group shot!

Next up I’ll be reviewing Rex’s mentor/boss Agent Six.Stay tuned!