11 new Marvel ToyBiz Figs!- 11.Apocalypse & 10.Kang


As I mentioned recently,just the other day I won an Ebay auction and really made out scoring 11 ToyBiz figures for the low price of 5 bucks w/ Free Shipping !I’ll be posting them in a certain order though.I’ll start with my least favorite and then work my way up to number 1.Out of the 11 ,two I already have,the Apocalypse figure being one of them.Hence the low ranking. He’s still an awesome figure though.Kang,on the other hand,was a mystery to me until I did a little digging.Turns out this particular version of him is from the Avengers -United They Stand series.Not very fond of this look but Kang is due for an update.So there you have it.Figures number 11 and 10 on the list.Stay tuned for 9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2 and 1 😉










Star Wars ROTS-Chewbacca

In an effort to bolster my enormous  😉  Star Wars collection , i found this  cool Chewbacca figure on the Bay  for 4 bucks shipped!It’s not the most articulated figure,but does have an awesome action feature.Whenever  you squeeze chewies legs together,he throws his arms up in a fit of rage!When I first held this figure in hand,it almost seemed to be too big a scale and I was worried that it wouldn’t look right next to my other SW figures,mainly Han Solo.I was sooo wrong though as Chewbacca is a huge character to begin with and ended up looking great next to Solo.




Just to give you an idea of Chewies size,here he is next to one of the larger Joe figures,Retaliation Roadblock.




G.I. Joe ROC-Zartan 8/27-9/2

One of my favorite characters from the G.I. Joe ROC movie was Zartan.Played  by actor Arnold Vosloo,the Zartan character was a ruthless and unforgiving assassin who cut first and asked questions later.He was bad a#$ in ROC and I believe he’ll be making an appearance in the new Retaliation movie as well.This was one figure I really wanted to get but could never find anywhere.I was finally able to track one down for  a decent price after several refined searches on eBay and now I can add him to the old ROC collection!Enjoy the pics 🙂

Indiana Jones Temple Of Doom – Chief Temple Guard

Keeping the adventure themed ball rolling,here we have  the chief temple guard from the  Indiana Jones toy line. I won this guy on  Ebay for about 2 bucks and some change and the shipping cost was only about 3 bucks!Insane considering the fact that most MOC action figures ship for $6+.Aside from my Indie figure,this is the only other figure from the line that i own although something tells me (actually it’s just me telling myself) it won’t be the last 😉 I have a thing were I have to have at least 3 figures from a toy line to feel like I am properly representing it.Anyways I’m really diggin’ this figure due to the fact that it’s from the 80’s film that i loved so much as a kid.Nothing against the newer films,as the figures from their line are cool as well,  but I just haven’t  seen any of them  in their entirety yet.These I.J.’s figures are detailed to a tee and look very much like their movie counterparts.  If you were wondering,this is the guy who’s pants get caught  in a steam-roller ultimately being pulled in and flattened to death..ouch!Some of the death scenes in these I.J.’s flicks make Mortal Kombat Fatalities look humane.


These I.J. figures come with some pretty cool movie accurate accessories as well as a small box which contains an awesome relic as well as a small collectible picture of it.

Star Wars Vintage Collection-Han Solo (trench coat)

Hey now i have two Star Wars figures 😉 Here we have Captain of the Millenium Falcon Mr. Han Solo <hold for applause> I told myself that i will only be getting the major players from the two trilogies and Han Solo is just that.I picked this particular version of him not because of the trench coat but because of the vest, striped pants and functional holster.There were other versions of him on Ebay but some were missing his vest and others had him rocking the long sleeve leather jacket and those just didn’t appeal to me.Another thing that stood out to me was the”Revenge of the Jedi”  title on the card back .That and the fact that the card was unpunched made me think twice about opening it but we all now how that story ended,i open everything 🙂   Not much else to say about this guy that you haven’t heard before  sooooo enjoy the pics!

Something Missing……?

Looking at my collection the other day ,i realized that something was missing.Star Wars action figures.Star Wars played a big part in the lives of just about every kid who grew up in the late 70’s and early 80’s.I fall into the early 80’s category,and while i never owned more than maybe 2 or 3 Star Wars figures at any one point and time during my childhood,i saw and came into contact with plenty of them while visiting older cousins and also in toy aisles everywhere.Truth be told,i never really got into them.Even today i find it hard to get into the vintage line of figures due to the lack of articulation and stiff-like appearance.I think certain lines of figures got away with having limited articulation because of the pre-posed battle stance sculpts ala Marvel Secret Wars and M.O.T.U. figures.I’ve always felt like an iconic film like Star Wars deserved a better looking line of action figures and i guess that’s probably why i don’t  have any of them adorning my toy shelves.That will change this week when/if my very first Star Wars figure(hopefully) arrives in the mail.I snagged it pretty cheap on Ebay and i’m pretty psyched about it.It took me a while but it looks like i’ve finally found a line of Star Wars figures other than the 70’s line  to compulsively hunt down for the next month or so.It should arrive sometime this week so stay tuned!

On The Hunt!

Today i’ll try to get a little shopping done while simultaneously keeping my eyes open for the 30th Ann. G.I. Joe  Renegades  Storm Shadow!I’ve been in Joe mode as of late big time!I’ve seen this guy on eBay selling for 40 bucks and if i could find him for the 8-9 dollar retail price i’ll be pretty psyched. Also, a funny thing happened.I’m online looking at some Snake Eyes figures and noticed that someone used my blog pic of Arctic Trooper Snake Eyes on there eBay listing! LOL!Shouldn’t i at least get a percentage  if it sells 😉 ? I thought that was pretty funny.Anyways,wish me luck on my  hunt for Stormie!