Marvel Universe (Family Dollar)-Wolverine

Last post about anything that has less than 10 points of articulation. I promise (fingers crossed behind my back).In fact my good buddy John over at the Clawful Punch put me up on a Joe sighting at  a Five Below variety store and since then I’ve picked up a couple that I’d like to get around to posting about. But today we have the Dollar Store exclusive (Dollar General, Family Dollar and maybe Big Lots-NOT DOLLAR TREE) Wolverine. I’m loving the head sculpt first and foremost. The vibrant Astonishing X-Men uni looks great and the height of the figure is pretty much on point. It’s an awesome figure considering.









5 Points And Proud!

I like the fact that HASBRO is still focusing its attention on the youngsters by putting affordable, simple product out on the shelves of Family Dollar toy aisles everywhere. As a kid, I didn’t have Family Dollar. I had Fays, which coincidentally used to be where our local Family Dollar is now. Fays was a drug store with a toy section similar to a hot midget-tiny but sexy (did I just write that?). While not the biggest of toy aisles, heavyweights like G.I. Joe, Secret Wars and Transformers always populated the pegs. I bought my first Secret Wars figure from Fays, Dr.Doom. Mattel’s Secret Wars line of action figures were based on the famous “Secret Wars” comic mini series , and consisted of some of Marvel’s most prominent characters. While limited in articulation to just 5 points, each figure had a ton of personality! The brightly colored figures would almost certainly attract attention, much like this new line of Family Dollar Marvel Universe figures would catch mine!


Left:Marvel Universe Family Dollar Spider-Man/Right:1984 Secret Wars Spider-Man

Seeing this Spider-Man figure on the pegs conjured up old Secret Wars memories that the new, more articulated Marvel figures of today have so blatantly suppressed. And even though we all loved our Secret Wars Spider-Man figures back in the day, this was what we really wanted him to look like! I already knew the paint was perfect just by inspecting the easy-to-view figure inside the packaging. My only concern was that when I finally got my Spidey home and unboxed, would he have that same plasticky feeling  that my childhood favorite Secret Wars figures had?


Yes!This was a childhood experience relived ,people! Hasbro managed to make an affordable, kick ass Spider-Man figure comparable, and arguably better than most of the lesser articulated movie figures being sold now for almost twice as much!







There are other figures in this line like Wolverine, Captain America and Hulk, but this is the gem. Even If you can’t bare to even look at a figure with less than 25 points of articulation, Spidey here is the exception. I’ve seen a lot of Spider-Man figures that have managed to capture his classic look,but few have come as close to it as  this “Dollar” store Spidey 😉


5 points….


..and proud!





JAKKS pacific UFC action figures

If you’re a 3 3/4 freak like me,then you’ve probably been tempted to snag up some of these UFC figs that have been lingering on Family Dollar’s toy shelves for about a decade it seems.I ran across a FD that had a buy one get the other half price sale ,and picked these two up for  about 6 bucks. As much as i liked the sculpt and detail of the figures while still in package, i was worried that the quality of the plastic would be minimal at best.I’ve already gone ahead and opened these guys up so expect a follow up post soon!


Joes at Dollar General?

TNI   , a site that i check out quite often,is reporting that some real quality Joe stuff could be making it’s way to the shelves/pegs of discount stores like Dollar General and possibly Family Dollar.Now last i checked Dollar General is one of those “everything for a dollar” stores and i highly doubt these Joes will be selling for a buck a piece.I’m pretty sure they meant Family Dollar.Any who you can click on the link below to get the 411 and product pics!

UPDATE: Dollar General does carry items priced over a dollar….my bad!I may have been thinking about Dollare Tree  LOL!