G.I. Joe Retaliation-Ultimate Storm Shadow

When I walked into Five Below the other day, on a tip from John over at the Clawful , I didn’t expect there to be many Joes. Maybe a couple Retaliation peg warmers, like the green suited Duke or the Roadblock with the unsightly deformity. I certainly did not expect the Ultimate line of Joes to be freshly stocked the way they were, and for the low price of 5 dollars to boot! These guys were going for big bucks on the bay and that’s not even factoring in the shipping costs. O.K. so they had Roadblock, Budo, Flint and most of the others from the line, big I knew for sure Storm Shadow wouldn’t be there. Stormie was going for bucu dollars online and I had already come to terms with the fact that I would probably never own one. If  I could pretend that  I was O.K. with not owning a Renegades Storm Shadow then I could do the same for the Ultimate version. BOP! Why did I walk into Five Below and find two Ultimate Storm Shadows hanging stealthily behind a Roadblock and Joe Colton figure! After the initial shock finally wore off, I chest bumped an old lady  standing next to me.I finally had an Ultimate Storm Shadow figure in my hands, and he was coming home with me.













Five Below Badness!

Not “bad” meaning “bad” but “bad” meaning “good”!I shat myself when I saw Ultimate Stormy behind a couple of other Ultimate Joe figures at our local Five Below! Wow! Still can’t believe I was lucky enough to find this one. Although I think these are popping up in a lot of other places including Marshalls and a store I’ve never heard of called Tuesday Morning?A big shout out to John over at the Clawful Punch for giving me the heads up about  these showing up at FB’s ;)tLoose pics coming soon!

The Guardians “Spirits of the Wild” – Zyng Guardian Tiger 3/5-3/11

Yesterday i posted about these awesome little figures that can be found at a store called “Five Below”.In my post i stated how i thought that 2 dollars was a good price for these figures but after taking them out of the package and closely inspecting them,i realized that some of the figures sculpts weren’t completely attached.Everything works well as far as the articulated areas go and although there are small gaps on the sides of the torso or shoulders on some of the figures they still hold together well.It just seems that if one were to overwork this figure or repeatedly move the arm,legs and head that something would crack.The paint is not bad for a 2 dollar figure and the packaging ain’t half bad either.Where these toys shine IMO are in the personalized accessories.The large emeralds embedded in the shields and the flags bearing each characters respective insignia are a great touch,but again,the gaps in the sculpt are a real turn off.On the bright side the figure design and concept is super cool!These kind of have a REMCO feel to them and if it weren’t for the sculpt flaws,they would be near perfect.Here we have Zyng.Aesthetically pleasing to look at and leader of The Guardians(because i said so).I also forgot to mention that with every Guardians “S.O.F.T.W.” purchase a donation goes towards programs that aid disadvantaged children as well as animals that have been abandoned,so that’s pretty cool.

The Guardians “Spirits of the Wild”

Reis O’brien over at Lair of the Dork Horde http://dorkhorde.blogspot.com/  posted about some really cool figures he had picked up at a store called “Five Below” http://www.fivebelow.com/ and i immediately took a liking to them.The Guardians “Spirits of the Wild” are a man/animal hybrid that sport kick a$# shields and cool flags who fight to protect nature and wildlife!It took me a while but i finally made it down to the nearest “Five Below” to see if i could find these feral little figures and happily came away with the whole set(i think). The 2 dollar price tag on each of these figures is well worth it IMO and I’ll be doing individual posts throughout the week revealing character names and my personal opinions on them. BTW- This was my first time ever going to a “Five Below” store and i can assure you it won’t be my last.I have yet to pick up any recent Star Wars figures and wasn’t planning to until today.This store had tons of them going for about 5 bucks a  piece and my toy collection could use a few JEDI’S  😉