Custom Backdrops and Dioramas

Lately i’ve been spending some time on some pretty cool sites,trying to familiarize myself with the world of customizing and building dioramas.I found a great site that gives a small tutorial on how to create your own dioramas and backdrops out of pink insulation foam.I immediately took to it and now i’m hooked.Basically what you do is draw your design on the foam and then retrace everything so that you leave an impression,giving it depth.I free handed the cracks and walls  and used a ruler to make the horizontal brick lines and door.The floor was made the same way.After everything has been retraced you can prime it with black paint and ultimately when that dries, give it the final paint job. Here is my first ever foam backdrop diorama.Let me know what you think!



Backdrop and Floor Painted

Finished Product