G.I. Joe ROC-Zartan 8/27-9/2

One of my favorite characters from the G.I. Joe ROC movie was Zartan.Played  by actor Arnold Vosloo,the Zartan character was a ruthless and unforgiving assassin who cut first and asked questions later.He was bad a#$ in ROC and I believe he’ll be making an appearance in the new Retaliation movie as well.This was one figure I really wanted to get but could never find anywhere.I was finally able to track one down for  a decent price after several refined searches on eBay and now I can add him to the old ROC collection!Enjoy the pics 🙂

G.I. Joe ROC- Zartan

I was  lucky to find this guy pretty cheap online and had to pick him up.I’m hoping to have most of the figures of characters who actually made a movie appearance and I can pretty much scratch this one of my list.I’ll do a full post with pics and my thoughts on the figure Monday morning 😉

G.I. Joe Retaliation-Snake Eyes 6/4-6/9

The good thing about this figure is that when you look at it you know it’s Snake Eyes.Everything is there,the Arashikage marking,the Commando elbow,knee and shoulder pads and the quintessential combination of pistol and sword.It’s a good thing these movie figures didn’t stray too far from the original design.I like the color combination as well.The gray with the black accents work well.The head sculpt is pretty cool although you can’t move it up and down,only side to side.I’m also really diggin’ the legs and boots on this Snake Eyes as they tend to balance out the figure nicely.

The articulation on these Joe figures(assuming they are all the same) are far from being on par with the ROC,POC,25th and 30th stuff,but work.One cool articulation feature on this Snake Eyes figure are his feet which can be leaned to the side on an angle for more dramatic poses.The quality of the plastic IMO is the same as any other Joe figure.I really can’t tell the difference.If anything it may be slightly softer but nothing drastic.

Here he is rocking the vest accessory that attaches to the zip-line feature included with the figure.The vest has removable straps and a peg that fits into the back of the figure and fits very snugly.I have to say that i was a little skeptical about the vest at first but it has really grown on me,in fact this is how i have him displayed on my Joe table.

The missile launching glider wings attach to the side of the vest and really look great when assembled.The blue works better with the wings than it does with the pistol IMO.This is one figure i would have had tons of fun with as a kid  🙂

Snake Eyes in action!I have opened and played with a lot of Snake Eyes figures in the past but none have been more entertaining than this guy.Snake Eyes + Zip Line = Epic Awesomeness!I know these figures have gotten a bad rep when compared to superior quality Joe’s of the past but don’t believe the hype.This line of G.I. JOE figures are fun toys that are meant to be played with!Rip them out of their packages and have fun with them!Have a zip line race between Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes!Have  Roadblock  pile-drive the cr@# out of Cobra Commander and pistol whip Zartan with that funny gun attachment on his right hand lol!They’re toys people,and G.I. Joe toys on top of that!

G.I. Joe Retaliation Snake Eyes

Yesterday i was able to finally track down some Retaliation figures at a Wal Mart located a little further away from where i live.Actually there were only about 3 of em’  hanging off the pegs in the desolate Joe section.There was one Roadblock (with the funny gun part thingy stuck to his hand) and two Snake Eyes,so i snagged up Snake Eyes.The one i really wanted was Storm Shadow but no luck there,unless they decide to restock.I’ll post about the Snake Eyes figure sometime during the week 😉