Busy Playin’ Some ‘Station!

For those of you waiting to see some more Star Wars goodies,my bad ūüė¶¬† I’ve been spending the little freetime I have gaming hard on my PlayStation!Two more gems that I’ll be attempting to put a dent in by¬† weeks end!Be back to post about some figs soon!Peace¬†¬†: )¬†



Heroic Moments In Gaming: Freedom Force PC 1/9-1/15

Needless to say this segment¬† falls under the “Things”¬† category of¬† this¬† blog’s title.Even before games like X-Men Legends or Marvel Ultimate Alliance released,there existed a little gem for the PC called Freedom Force. I really didn’t know what to expect from this game when i picked it up online close to 6 years ago.The game ran on earlier versions of XP and required a bit of troubleshooting and patching for it to run correctly,but once i got around to playing it i was hooked!The storyline and¬† cut scenes are styled¬† after¬† comics of the early 80’s variety with “Stan Lee -like” narration. This really is the closest you’ll ever come to actually playing a comic book IMO.I expected the characters to come off as cheesy knock-offs , but the character designs and background stories are totally original and very much comparable¬† to those in the Marvel and DC universe.The packaging was what got me when it first arrived in the mail with a shiny embossed look and a front cover that opens up to reveal awesome artwork and additional screen shots . I never managed to beat the game the first time around but now that i have a separate¬† computer running an older version of XP i’m ready to give it another try.Enjoy the pics!

Here are some of the character bios from the game’s manual!