Star Wars-Special Action Figure Set/Villains-Snaggletooth

After receiving a little bit of Christmas cash over the holidays,i took to the internet to see if I could find some modern Star Wars figures to add to the collection.I was prepared to drop $12 + on a loose Boba Fett figure.I hate having to drop that kind of  money on any one figure,but knew I would have to If I wanted to bring home the Boba. So imagine how psyched I was to find this set on Amazon for 6 bucks and  change! In total plus shipping , I ended up with three awesome(brand new) Star Wars figures for the price of one loose Boba Fett on Ebay.This villainous trio should look great next to my other SW figures once I finally get my display room set up again.I’m trying for equal parts MARVEL,G.I. Joe and Star Wars,so it looks like I’ll be coveting more SW figures as I still need a decent C-3PO,Laeia and a Jedi Luke to round out the usual’s .Of the three figures included in the villain set,I must say that I wasn’t very excited about Snaggletooth.That all changed once I got him out of the packaging,as he is quite the charming little focker.

I love that box! Very sturdy and similar to the original 1979 release!



Such a cool little figure!




Every great action figure has to have a working gun holster. It’s only right.





Don’t you think Snaggletooth would have made an awesome ally to Han Solo?


AWWWW Friendly nuggies 🙂


Star Wars Saga Legends – R2-D2

Got lucky and found this R2 figure on clearance at a local Marshalls for 3 bucks!Not the best toy rendition but solid.The head,if you could even call it that,does not spin and is a flat grey color instead of  chrome.Other than those two gripes i like it.The best thing about this particular R2 figure is his sound/light gimmick!All those trademark  beeps,buzzes and whistles can be heard with the press of a small button on his front side.A small light  also turns on at the same time.This guy should look good displayed(once i am able to  actually display them) next to my other SW figures.



RSCN9492                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       I see da light!




Star Wars Saga Legends-Yoda

I got three whole Star Wars figures now.The force is weak with this one,i know,but one day i’ll have a nice little SW display that will consist of more than just 3 figures.For now Senor Vader,Han Solo and Yoda will do.Next on my list is Chewbacca,C-3PO,R-2 ,Luke Skywalker,princess Lea and Boba Fett.All have to have decent articulation except for C-3PO(5 points will suffice)as he’s pretty stiff in the film to begin with.Wish me luck!

Star Wars Vintage Collection-Han Solo (trench coat)

Hey now i have two Star Wars figures 😉 Here we have Captain of the Millenium Falcon Mr. Han Solo <hold for applause> I told myself that i will only be getting the major players from the two trilogies and Han Solo is just that.I picked this particular version of him not because of the trench coat but because of the vest, striped pants and functional holster.There were other versions of him on Ebay but some were missing his vest and others had him rocking the long sleeve leather jacket and those just didn’t appeal to me.Another thing that stood out to me was the”Revenge of the Jedi”  title on the card back .That and the fact that the card was unpunched made me think twice about opening it but we all now how that story ended,i open everything 🙂   Not much else to say about this guy that you haven’t heard before  sooooo enjoy the pics!