Playmates Terminator Salvation T-700?

I’m not 100%  sure of  it  but I think I got it right. There are so many different versions of these guys floating around that unless you do your homework, it’s hard to tell them apart.This one came  in a package  Jason Vorhees sent over to me a while back and I’m just loving it.Jason got me started with TF’s and now it seems like I’ll be hunting down a couple of these Salvation figures as well ;)I loved Terminator flicks as a kid and I was more than glad to add this iconic figure to my collection.I’m hoping to put together a display made up of  figures from the Aliens,Terminator and Predator films and this might not be so hard to do.Most of those figures can be had for  a reasonable price on ebay and acquiring at least 3 figures from each line should be an attainable task.A thank you goes out to Jason Vorhees for this awesome figure as well as  for the host of other goodies which I have yet to post about!

G.I. Joe 25th Ann. Hawk & Scarlett

I’ve really been wanting  an 80’s style Scarlett and Hawk figure and this comic pack allowed me to kill two birds with one stone.I really love the face sculpts on these figures and their uniforms are exact representations of the 80’s vintage line with a little more detail.I wasn’t too thrilled with Scarlett’s weapon as it did not fit snugly in her hands and kept falling out every time i changed her pose,all in all a great figure though. The cool thing about this set is the inclusion of the comic book which is a reprint of the original 80’s comic book  issue #1.This is where it all started ladies and gentlemen(as far as the 80’s A.R.A.H. line goes) and those who missed the boat the first time around have a chance to brush up on their Joe origins with this cool reprint!A less than mint copy of an original G.I. Joe #1 will run you anywhere from 10 to 15 bucks and for that price you could have a neat reprint w/alt. cover art and two figures of  characters who play  major roles  in the  Joe universe.The set also comes with file cards for both figures and i must say that after buying so many 80’s Joes on-line with warped and wrinkled file cards it was nice to get two crisp and clean-cut ones for a change.I have set for myself somewhat of a side-goal if you will to complete the original Joe team by mixing and matching some of my ROC figs with the 25th Ann. line.I  now have Hawk and Scarlett along with my ROC Flash and Snake Eyes figure and will need Stalker,Zap Melendez,Breaker and Rock & Roll to complete the original team.Wish me luck!