UFC-Georges St-Pierre/Blogger not working?

Two part post here.For some strange reason,everytime i try to post on Blogger sites,i get an error?I’m wondering if anyone else is encountering the same problem.So if i haven’t commented on your blogs,just know that it is due to technical difficulties.I’m still checking your blogs out daily ;)This will be my final UFC post of the week,although i may be looking to add a couple more to the collection.This another fighter who i am quite unfamiliar with but thought he looked bad a#$!Looks like Quick Kick has a couple of new recruits!Enjoy the pics!










G.I. Joe Retaliation(no..not ROC..i wish)-Kamakura

Kamakura is a character that has been gradually growing on me.I didn’t read any of the comics he was in and most of what i know about him is from Wiki and the animated series Valor Vs. Venom.I do however like the idea of Snake Eyes having an apprentice because let’s face it-who’s gonna take over  the position of  G.I. Joe Ninja/Commando if  Snake Eyes ever gets captured or even worse,killed in battle?Kamakura is that’s who……take that…….so there…Cobra baddies!Sorry,got a little carried away.Anyways so yeah i really like Kamakura and hope to read up on his character a little more.I already own the more comic accurate Spy Troops version of him and while i love the ROC version,chances are i’ll probably never own one.So i snagged this one up loose and i’m really, really diggin’ it. Believe it or not,i still haven’t seen Retaliation and was wondering if Kamakura makes an appearance  at anytime during the movie.If not,he should definitely make an appearance in the next series of Joe films!













G.I. Joe Spy Troops 2003-Kamakura

Everyone knows how abundant the different lines of G.I. Joe’s are,and to be honest I’ve been stuck in a POC/ROC rut for ever it seems.I’m pretty much done with the 80’s A.R.A.H. Joe’s as I’ve already gotten most of the figures that i wanted from that line.The Sigma 6 stuff is pretty cool,but not quite the scale I’m into.In an effort to breathe new life into my G.I. Joe action figure interest,I began doing some Google image searches of  G.I. Joe lines that in the past I had given the cold shoulder to.One figure really caught my eye….and it wasn’t this  Kamakura either.I think I’ll  keep the name and details on the figure on the down low to build a little suspense up until i actually post about it.I will say that he is from the G.I. Joe Vs. Cobra  Spy Troops line that released in 2003,the same line that introduced us to this version of Kamakura.These figures remind me of the CORPS figures of today only with the G.I. Joe brand name and a ton of  original characters/sculpts to choose from.I’m super psyched about Spy Troops and will totally be picking up more figures from this awesome little line of Joes!

After doing a little research it seems that this is not the correct file card for this figure although it’s still from  G.I. Joe Vs. Cobra  and has pretty much the same bio.