G.I. Joe ROC-Snake Eyes v.47 (Rescue Mission)

If  you totally disregarded Hasbro’s G.I. Joe ROC line of figures in 2009(like i did),then chances are that you also overlooked the Rescue Mission  set exclusive to Target stores and famous for the Snake Eyes figure that came with it. The set came with two Vipers,Duke and a stealthy Snake Eyes figure deceptively  stashed  inside the package,hidden behind the Duke figure.I didn’t pick up the complete set,but managed to find the Snake Eyes and Duke figure loose.It’s rare to find any of these figures loose because merchants are making a killing selling the complete sets.I didn’t even know this Snake Eyes existed until a few months ago when i saw this Youtube review http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L-Al6O7JpKs  on him.Which by the way is a pretty cool channel for action figure reviews.The Rescue Mission Snake Eyes i picked up is semi-complete but the more important accessories,like his sword,sheath and backpack were included.I really don’t have anything bad to say about this figure.Everything about it is Snake Eyes.The figure is completely black.Some flat,some glossy and the sculpt is perfect.Essentially a repaint of the Resolute Snake Eyes.The web gear’s on point and the all black visor on the head sculpt  works perfectly.To me every Snake Eyes figure should have at least one Arashikage symbol and this one has it on the right shoulder.All in all an amazing  figure and while not better than the POC Ninja Commando version,Rescue Mission Snake Eyes is a close 2nd IMO.











Recent Acquisition #5 – 1985 Rambo(Firepower)

There were a couple other smaller items that i will go over in the near future,but for now this will be the final “Recent Acquisition” post……sheesh!I know… the acquisitions aren’t even recent any more….but moving forward.This figure was the focal point of the trade Jason and i pulled off a while back and is a welcomed addition to my small collection of Rambo figures.It came loose without any accessories but I was lucky enough to hunt some of them down online and make this a semi-complete Rambo figure.One of the straps is missing from the motorized backpack along with a rifle,some grenades and the original knife.I do have some extra weapons laying around for this line of figures  just in case i pick up any incomplete, loose figures.Enjoy the pics!





1994 Marvel ToyBiz – Sauron

This is the gold shorts version of  Sauron.I’m no expert on the character but do remember him being in alot of my old X-Men comics.Some of my favorite X-Men reads as a kid were ones that featured the Savage Land.Not much to say about this guy other than the fact that I picked him up loose and club-less for about 2 bucks.Haven’t been feeling too great lately so writing will be at a minimum for the next couple of posts.

1992 Marvel ToyBiz – Iceman

I wish I would have gotten this figure MOC.Instead I picked it up used/loose for a couple bucks and essentially got what I paid for.I still love the heck out of this figure despite the fact that whoever owned it before me stuck him inside of the freezer one too many times,causing the translucency of the figure to cloud up a bit.Either that or the figure just lost it’s luster over time,not 100% sure.He still looks great on display and will serve it’s purpose until I can get my hands on a MOC.