M.O.T.U. 1984 Roboto 4/2-4/7

This is another figure that made it into my collection by way of  my buddy  jboypacman who sent me  a  package a while back  with some cool M.O.T.U. figures.This one here is Roboto,a character i know nothing about other than the fact that he is from the M.O.T.U. line and that i do remember him as a kid.My memories of owning M.O.T.U. figures  growing up are few and far between but i can honestly say that this was one the figures i didn’t have.I remember having a Battle Armor He-Man,a Ram- Man and a Man- At -Arms but that’s about it.I really liked the figures and the cartoon but i was so much into the Joe stuff that i really didn’t pay too much attention to these at the time.I’ll never forget the time my brother-in-law who used to paint houses,walked in the front door with a bag full of misc. D&D and He-Man toys he had found in a vacant house he was working in.He dumped them on the front porch and i went nuts going through them all!That’s how i got the majority of my M.O.T.U. figures as a kid.With the release of the G.I. Joe Retaliation figures a couple of months away i can focus a little more on my 80’s collection again and M.O.T.U. figures will be one of the lines on my radar.Many thanks to jboypac for the Roboto figure 😉  Enjoy the pics!

He-Man 2002 Mekaneck

A while back jboypacman was cool enough to send some action figures my way and this Mekaneck figure was one of them.I really love the elongated design of these figures as opposed to the short and stocky look of the 80’s line.I have this guy  displayed  on a small shelf in my spare room and he looks great.Thanks again jbp!

He-Man 2002 Mekaneck

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He-Man 2002

This is one of the 6 gazillion toy’s that arrived at my doorstep yesterday courtesy of my good friend jboypacman!I have to say that this figure right here is my favorite.This is the 2002 He-Man, based on the cartoon series that aired that year on the Cartoon Network.I remember watching the first few episodes and really liking it,although i think they ended up canceling it. I believe this figure is complete and looks incredible on display!Thanks again JB 😉

2002 He-Man

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Many Thanks jboypac!

Every once in a while somebody somewhere genuinely goes out of their way to do something generous for someone else.Granted i am pretty much new to the world of blogging and am still learning the ropes “so to speak”,my time spent surfing the web looking for cool toy/pop culture related sites have proved to be quite fruitful.Sites like “Hey Look At My Toys” ,”Super Duper Toy Box”  and jboypac’s  “Revenge From The Cosmic Arc” have shown me that their are others who are just as passionate about their childhood  as i am.It was these three sites that ultimately inspired me to go ahead and start my own toy blog and take my own trips down memory lane(occasionally accompanied by a jboypacman,Metal Borg or an SDTB 😉  ) one post and action figure at a time.Well… This week my good friend Mr.jboypacman has taken it a step further by graciously sending me one behemoth of a package!People just don’t do things like this anymore and for jboypac to go out of his way and do something like this speaks volumes.These pics don’t do this amazing collection of contemporary as well as vintage action figures justice.I’ve got vintage M.O.T.U stuff here as well as T.M.N.T. figures and a host of other cool things that i will be looking through and taking pics of this week-end .I can’t thank you enough jbp .


Toys,Toys .....

...and more Toys!

1982 Masters Of The Universe He-Man

Well if you didn’t know by now i am an 80’s toy fanatic!In fact when i decided to collect again my sole objective was to only acquire vintage 80’s action figures.Well,that plan sort of back fired when HASBRO released the G.I. Joe ROC/ POC  line,Captain America and the collectability of  the Marvel Universe  stuff is insane!Luckily every now and then i am  able to visit my local hobby shop where all kinds of retro-coolness can be had for a pretty decent price and the bargain bins overflow with goodies!I don’t know about you but i like to head straight for the bargain bins in hopes to find those  hard to find toys that are so overpriced these days on sites like Ebay ,Amazon and other hobby shops who do business online.The great thing about these shops is that you get to see,touch and inspect what your buying and there are no high shipping prices.There’s nothing like getting what you want and taking it home the same day.Take for instance this 1982 M.O.T.U. He-Man figure.I couldn’t believe that i was able to pick this little gem up for $2.50.There was a bin with about 5 or 6 1980’s M.O.T.U. figures all priced at $2.50.Some were in pretty rough shape and my He Man figure has a small nick on his left foot but not too bad.I liked He-Man as a kid but always seemed to gravitate more towards the GI Joe stuff.Nonetheless they were and still are a very cool toy, display piece and 80’s action figure!

1982 M.O.T.U. He-Man