MOTU Classics-Icarius

Icarius was also known as Flipshot in the New Adventures of He-Man.I can’t front,i just found that out a couple of days ago.I was aware of the old cartoon,just not a huge fan of it.Everytime i look at this figure on display,it reminds me of Turbo Man from the Schwarzenegger Christmas film.Not a knock at all as this is one of the coolest figures i own!It’s figures like this that make collectors want to hunt down more of these MOTU Classics gems.I used to see these online alot and say to myself that i’d never own any,because of the fact that they were so pricey and only accessible through a subscription.Props to Big Lots and MATTEL for making them available to the general public and at a great low price.Even if i’m not able to pick up any other figures from the line,i’m happy to own the few that i have now.












MOTU Classics-Orko

Not crazy about this character,but the figure is a nice representation.All i remember from the vintage version was the pull string gimmick  but that’s about it.In the hood back in the day you’d see Orko on many a wall,incorporated into graffitti pieces.He does have a  sort of a b-boyish look to him.






Next up,Icarius…..


Masters “Classics” – Big Lots

Call me cheap,but when i first laid eyes on  this Orko “Classics” figure at my local Big Lots i said to myself “self,10 bucks is too much for an Orko figure.” I mean i wouldn’t shell out 10 for an original.Then i took a peek inside and realised that not only did it include a cool(and hopefully functioning) stand ,but lying at the bottom of the packaging  was a fully articulated Prince Adam figure!Kind of  an odd way to package a figure imo.So 10 bucks for two figs and a stand warranted the purchase .Now i am the proud owner of my first ever MOTU Classics action figures ;)I’ve stated before how i wasn’t the biggest fan of the uprightedness of these figures.Tonight i’ll mess around with the Prince Adam figure a bit  to see if  it changes my mind.


Superman MOS – Superman (split cycle) loose

I gotta start this off by saying that i do not consider myself a toy reviewer.I’ll point out a couple of things here and there collectors may or may not like,but that’s about it.So if  this write up starts to come off as some kind of an educated toy review,totally disreguard because it’s just me trying to sound smart.That said,i will also confess to never owning any of the contemporary Mattel 3 3/4 DC figures.In fact the closest i’ve come to those are a couple of Generator Rex figures Mattel released a while back,but that’s about it.The limited articulation on alot of  the 3 3/4 DC stuff was a huge turn off for me and i wasn’t about to pay 15 bucks for the 6″ stuff. I’m not very hip to the DC universe of figures but i’ve always wanted a decent Batman and/or Superman figure in the 3 3/4 scale.When the last Batman film released i was hoping to get some cool figures out of it, but only got those dinky little 5 dollar ones that showed up on the pegs at stores i didn’t even kniow sold action figures. I literally tripped over these figures on my walks around the block with my daughter.Needless to say i wasn’t biting.Now it seems Mattel is doing the same with these Superman MOS (Man of Steel) figures,and at first i wasn’t going to bite,then i bit …and i’m glad i did.At first glance this figure didn’t blow me away.In fact i think  what blew me away more was the  concept of  finally owning a Superman figure.I was a bit star struck to say the least.I mean, this guy could essentially kick every figure in my collection’s ass into next week with the exception of my Avengers Hulk figure and even that’s a toss up.Superman MOS would be catapaulted into the number one spot atop my  “most powerful action figures” list.MY THOUGHTS: I’ve come to terms with the lack of articulation in the legs only because the arm sculpts/articulation make up for it imo.Another plus lies in the facial sculpt which manages to capture some of Henry Cavill’s appearance but also has an old kenner vibe to it with the blue dotted eyes.The overall sculpt is pretty solid and while you can’t pose much of his lower half,the arms can be positioned in ways to make for some really cool display stances.The paint and new suit design is on point,textured and has somewhat of a glossy finish to it.I love the cloth cape BUT BE CAREFUL when taking this figure out of the package.For some reason,Mattel has placed a small plastic tag that keeps the cape in place while in the package and if you attempt to pull the figure out of the package without taking this small plastic tag off,it will pull on the cape  leaving a small little annoying hole at the bottom of  it.The whole motorcycle gimmick is pretty a much a wash and it’s pretty difficult to make the figure hold it while it’s put together.Other than those small gripes,i  love this figure for what it is.BTW-At first glance i didn’t think these would be in scale with any of my other figures so i posted a couple of example pics for size comparison.













Generator Rex-Battle Saw Rex w/Parasax E.V.O.

Last but not least we have Battle Saw Rex  which is basically Rex with a different weapon feature.It’s too bad they didn’t make some of the weapons interchangeable.I think Mattel maybe figured they could make more money selling individualized Rex’s as opposed to one customizable Rex.I don’t know,but the figure ‘s still pretty solid and i guess a display with multiple Rex figures sporting different weaponry might look pretty cool. I may pick up other variations of him if i can find them at the same $1 dollar price tag.

This Rex figure boasts the same outfit as the last one I reviewed with the only difference being the weapon and E.V.O.Another cool difference is the facial expressions,they are different for all the Rex figures,or at least the two that I have.

The name of the E.V.O. included with this Battle Saw Rex figure is Parasax.

And finally a group shot of my small Generator Rex collection which may get bigger If  I can find some more merchandise on clearance.Heck I might even pay regular price if they release any new figures.Stay tuned!

Generator Rex-Punk Busters Rex w/Rhinocerage E.V.O.

I remember walking down the aisles of a Kay-Bee toy store as a kid and finding some very cool Flash Gordon Defenders of the Earth figures warming the pegs of  the clearance section. Not only were they low priced(can’t remember how much they were exactly) but nearly every figure from the line was there.I remember picking up  Ming and Flash Gordon as well as a Phantom figure if my memory serves me correct.Now while i doubt that those three particular figures made up the entire wave,it was cool to be able to take home the protagonist in Flash Gordon his trusty side-kick Phantom and his arch-enemy Ming!Being able to have a few of the main characters of an action figure line meant instant hours of  epic play time and the ability to re-create cool cartoon scenarios without having to bring in any odd-ball  characters from other toy lines.I kind of  got that good ol’ fashion feeling again when i spotted most of the major players from Cartoon Networks animated series Generator Rex,for a buck a piece!Had there been only one character available i probably would have passed but i wasn’t  about to pass on snagging up practically a whole wave of  figures for 5 bucks and some change.

I was never that big on the series but always thought the art and animation was top notch.Apparently there was a big explosion releasing Nanites into the atmosphere that infected everything on Earth,causing animals as well as humans to mutate  and gain super abilities.Rex was one of the few who retained his human appearance even after being infected by the Nanites and acquiring the ability to morph into various mechanical shapes and forms.This version of Rex features him in his “Punk Busters”, over sized mechanical shoes that allow Rex to walk around without tiring,jump high and also kick the cr#$ out of evil E.V.O.’s  😉

These figures vary in size but are all around the 3 to 3 3/4 inch range.I really love the bright colors on these figures and the sculpts are cool as well.Most of the figures from this line have articulated arms ,legs and heads while certain Rex figures have mechanical weapons attached to either his arms or legs that have additional points of articulation.

MATTEL did a great job with these figures only i wish the plastic they opted to use was a bit harder.It’s a bit on the soft rubbery side  and some of the figures,the skinny one’s mostly,tend to have a permanent bend in their legs but not enough to drive me crazy.As you can see it doesn’t affect the pose-ability at all.

Every Generator Rex figure comes with it’s own species of  E.V.O. Rhinocerage is a two foot tall E.V.O. with above average strength that also happens to be blind.

These little guys are awesome and have the same quality of  toys you would find inside of those novelty figurine blind bags.I can’t wait to open the rest of these figures as these mini E.V.O.’s would look great together in a group shot!

Next up I’ll be reviewing Rex’s mentor/boss Agent Six.Stay tuned!

M.U.S.C.L.E. by MATTEL 5/14-5/19

If you were a kid growing up in the 80’s,then chances are more than a few of these made there way into your toy collections.These little guys were highly collectible due to their size and individualized appearances.M.U.S.C.L.E. figures are based on Japanese anime wrestlers and could be bought here in the states in packs of 4 or 10.I believe there were more than 200 pink/gum colored figures in the  set  and while some were different versions of the same character,most had their own unique design.Eventually MATTEL would release packs of multi-colored  M.U.S.C.L.E.  of which i wasn’t much of a fan of .Recently i was able to score some of these bad boys on Ebay for about 2 bucks and change,not too bad considering how much they’re going for these days.

1984 Marvel Secret Wars Iron Man 1/16-1/22

This is one of my favorites of the Secret Wars line because of the vibrant color scheme.I also love the fact that Iron Man here,like select other SW figures,has one of his fists balled up and ready for action.I was able to score this one a while back with minimal paint wear(if any)and most of his accessories(i think i’m missing some additional shield inserts).I love the Secret Wars toy line but i find that not too many other figures blend in with them.I was taking a look at jboypacmans “Most Wanted ” list and i was reminded of Remco’s Mighty Crusaders line and how well they may look next to some of my Secret Wars figures.It might be a longshot (with the Mighty Crusaders head size and all) but these two brands may look pretty cool together and i now have these figures on my radar as well. If i do manage to score some in the near future i’ll make sure to take some side by side comparison pics of the two lines.If anybody knows of another brand of action figure that might blend in well with the SW’s line  i would love some suggestions.(BTW-The Iron Man ball was a gift from my daughter,daddy loves you very much 🙂 )

1984 Marvel Secret Wars Iron Man