Marvel Miniature Alliance-Hulk 6/11-6/16

My  girlfriend just got back from a weekend retreat with her mother and some of her girlfriends and was awesome enough to bring me back this cool Hulk miniature figure!I had seen these before in the stores and thought they were pretty cool and now i own one!My only gripe about the figure is that you can’t remove him from the stand as he would have looked a little better standing next to some of my other stand-less Marvel  mini’s,but who cares.Aside from the fact that he looks a little like Peter Griffin,he makes a great little display piece and i love em’  🙂

Go-Go Invasion!

One of the cool things about toy collecting is that not only can you teach your kids(or neices & nephews)the value of preserving and taking care of  your belongings but involve them as well.I have three girls and my two youngest are into collecting these cool new mini figures called Go-Go’s.Now normally i don’t get into these little figures but i gotta say there really are some cool figures in this line.Not only are there a ton of different and unique characters but each of them have numbers on their backs making it easier to collect and complete sets.I don’t think any of them have names but i guess if you felt the need to you could go ahead and name them.Each pack comes with 3 Go-Go’s and three stickers with a Go-Go and number on it.They retail for about $2.50 a pack and can be found in the check out aisles at any of your local Wal-Mart department stores.My kids and i really love these figures and we’ve already begun to find places to stage and display them.If at any time you happen to see these while on your next grocery/toy haul, pick up a pack.You won’t be disappointed!

Go-Go's pack


Go-Go's Stickers