Avengers Assemble – Thor

Continuing on with the Marvel invasion/5 point persuasion!We have yet another figure lacking in the articulation department, but overflowing with Asgardian appeal! These figures can be found pretty much anywhere they sell action figures and for a great price! I thought Thor here would look great next to my Spidey and soon to be showcased Wolverine and Hulk figures! All 5 pointers! I can see why people get turned off by these highly immobile superheroes, but that’s only because Marvel Universe has spoiled us rotten. If you’ve already snagged up Spider-Man, then this awesome Thor figure should be next on your list. I love the inclusion of Mjolnir as a separate accessory and not just a permanent mold attached to Thors right hand.The cape is made of a durable, yet soft plastic which is solidly attached. The paint apps are pretty much spot on and the deep blue used on the overall sculpt is downright menacing. The cool thing about these figures are the head sculpts, which look more than decent to say the least and can look side to side as well as up and down. Enjoy the pics!


















MU Movie Edition – Thor v.1 “Happy Fathers Day!”

I’d like to start this post off by wishing every toy collecting dad as well as non-collecting ones,a very Happy Fathers Day!A Happy Fathers Day also goes out to the unsung heroic uncles out there that go out of their way to spoil their nieces and nephews as well as provide that much needed additional support they may need throughout their childhood.I mean,who else is gonna put them up on the action figure scoop ;)Today we have a much needed addition to the collection and one that helps me bolster my movie based  Avengers team.All i need now is Hawkeye and Black Widow.I might have to snag up a more movie appropriate Iron Man as well,but this cool version sent over to me a while back by my buddy Buzz over at Action Figure Adventures,should be  more than a  suitable place holder i think. As far as the Thor figure goes,i like it.Don’t love it,but i like it.I would have liked for him to have a cape… but i won’t complain,even though i just did.The paint on this figure really stands out and the fact that he comes with the standard Mjolnir hammer is a plus.He also has an articulated neck,allowing him to look up and down,which i thought was pretty cool.Not a bad figure overall.I recommend 😉