1994 Spawn: Overtkill 2/20 – 2/26

This is hands down the biggest,chunkiest,widest and heaviest action figure in my collection!I remember Overtkill mostly from the SNES Spawn game i used to play and after reading up on him in the comic that came with the figure, he seems to be a real cool character/villain.Overtkill is a Cyborg/hit-man for the Mob and one of Spawn’s biggest rivals.The action figure is a little exaggerated as far as size goes though not that far off from what he looks like in the comics.He comes with two weapons, a parking meter and his head.The parking meter fits in his right hand nicely and looks pretty cool although i wish  he would have come with a gun of some kind.Overtkill’s head acts as a missal that actually launches off of his body when a small button on his back is pressed .Overall a great figure and display piece!

1994 Overtkill