The Amazing Spider-Man-Lizard (sewer clash)

This  rendition of the Lizard was one that i had been on the fence about.After looking at the figure close up,i can appreciate it a little more.Now lets get to the elephant in the room.In the film,Lizard towers over little old  Spidey  and there is an obvious height differential.In the pics below you can see that Lizard is about the same height as Spider-Man.Not cool.Fortunately it doesn’t take away from the sculpt and overall the figure is detailed nicely.A super-soaker  😉  i mean  weapon was also included  for Lizard but i found it difficult to get him to stand up while holding it,so pics of  him face down on the shelf with  slightly detached accessory have been omitted.The fact that i got this set for 7 bucks,and single carded Lizard’s  are still selling for 9 justifies everything.These figures won’t blow you away but the price tag will,assuming you can find them at your local Marshalls.If you’r looking for a  decent  Spider-Man and Lizard movie figure then this is the set to hunt down. I wouldn’t pay anything over 10 dollars for it though.







Hulk smash wonky eyed Lizard!”RSCN9366



The Amazing Spider-Man-Spider-Man (Sewer Clash)

I’ll start this post with the protagonist of the three pack ,Spider-Man.Not a bad figure with limited(9 points),yet workable articulation.Love the deep blue color scheme on the textured uniform.It reminds me of the new 3 3/4  Superman figure.The launcher added as a gimmick also has a cool design.Must be a Tony Stark innovation 😉









MU Movie Edition – Thor v.1 “Happy Fathers Day!”

I’d like to start this post off by wishing every toy collecting dad as well as non-collecting ones,a very Happy Fathers Day!A Happy Fathers Day also goes out to the unsung heroic uncles out there that go out of their way to spoil their nieces and nephews as well as provide that much needed additional support they may need throughout their childhood.I mean,who else is gonna put them up on the action figure scoop ;)Today we have a much needed addition to the collection and one that helps me bolster my movie based  Avengers team.All i need now is Hawkeye and Black Widow.I might have to snag up a more movie appropriate Iron Man as well,but this cool version sent over to me a while back by my buddy Buzz over at Action Figure Adventures,should be  more than a  suitable place holder i think. As far as the Thor figure goes,i like it.Don’t love it,but i like it.I would have liked for him to have a cape… but i won’t complain,even though i just did.The paint on this figure really stands out and the fact that he comes with the standard Mjolnir hammer is a plus.He also has an articulated neck,allowing him to look up and down,which i thought was pretty cool.Not a bad figure overall.I recommend 😉










G.I. Joe Retaliation-Flint

I was going to pass on this figure at first,but picked it up anyways and i’m not disappointed.I think alot of  pics were taken of this Flint figure without his web gear,and that didn’t really help it’s popularity much.The web gear really evens things out here and puts the whole figure into better perspective.I love the removeable beret and the head sculpt for this figure is a real strong point.My only gripe would have to be the boots,as they could have been a little higher on the lower leg.I’m glad they opted not to put the Arashikage  sign on this sculpt as it would have been a real turn off. This version will be a nice place holder until the more movie accurate Ultimate Flint hits store shelves.








G.I. ROC-Storm Shadow (Paris Pursuit)

One of the bright spots in G.I. Joe  Rise of Cobra was actor Lee Byung-Hun and  his  portrayal  of  Storm Shadow in  the film.H e was one of the actors who pretty much no one had a beef with,even the toughest critics.I believe this was one of the first SS figures released when ROC toys initially began to show up on the pegs and department store shelves back in ’09.











G.I. Joe ROC-Gunship w/Firefly (red helmet variant)

With G.I. Joe Retaliation  coming out next month, i thought  it’d be a good idea to revisit the first film,ROC,by posting some movie screenshots along with some of the toys associated with the film.The Cobra Gunship made several appearances in the ROC film,predominantly in the beginning scenes and i believe towards the end as well. Apparently there were two releases,or variations of the gunship.One featuring a Firefly with a black helmet and this red helmet version.There is a  compartment on the top of the ship that holds three explosives. When activated, these small bombs drop from another small door located in the ships underbelly.Another cool feature are the small handles underneath the ship.You’re able to have your figures hang onto them directly or attach one of those cool zip lines that come with most of the Ninja Retaliation figures.I was lucky enough to find this on clearance years ago for about 5 bucks,not sure how much they go for now.But definitely pick one up if you get the chance.While not as iconic,it’s pretty much an updated,more futuristic version of the Cobra Fang imo.Enjoy the pics!













Transformers DOTM Deluxe Class – Sideswipe

Today we take a look at Sideswipe from the DOTM line of TF figures.Of the DOTM figures I already have,this guy is by far my favorite. Alot of the DOTM TF’s have  proportion issues but Sideswipe clearly doesn’t.Everything about Sideswipe’s sculpt flows.A couple of paint apps here and there and this figure would be a perfect 10. I would have also liked to have an Autobot faction symbol somewhere on the robot or car mode but I can live without it.Everytime I pick up a new DOTM figure I hop on Netflix and load up TF DOTM  to catch scenes that feature them and Sideswipes is pretty bad a#$!He and Bumblebee along with another red sports car (who’s name escapes me) are being chased at all kinds of high speeds by Decepticon Crankcase(black SUV) and his henchmen.Although not as popular with collectors as other TF’s lines are,this is one DOTM figure that may be worth checking out.Enjoy the pics!

G.I. Joe R.O.C. Cobra Commander

I like the R.O.C. movie version of Cobra Commander action figure.There i said it.I confess.In the past there has been so much hating on this figure and truthfully i can understand why.He looks nothing like the Cobra Commander we’ve all grown to love over the course of our child, and for some, adult hood.Some have complained about the trench coat and others about the wing tip shoes.I,on the other hand,don’t have a problem with any of these things. To me this version of C.C. gives him the appearance of a boss. The guy behind the scenes who pushes buttons and calls the shots while making the occasional appearance on national television to brief the public on his latest evil doings,and i think ROC  C.C. is appropriately dressed for this part.I also dig the fact that his mask is translucent,making his disfigured face partly visible.All in all a pretty good rendition of Cobra Commander IMO.

G.I. Joe R.O.C. Cobra Commander


G.I. Joe ROC Storm Shadow

In celebration of  the new G.I. Joe :Retaliation trailer sneak-peak,i figured I  would do some G.I. Joe ROC  figure posts with corresponding scenes from the not so celebrated movie.Here we have the original ROC Storm Shadow and while the movie version of his uniform is missing the Cobra insignia everything else is pretty much spot-on.

G.I. Joe ROC Storm Shadow

File Card