Ultimate Spider-Man Action Vignette Figure

Here is another cool addition to the “Action Figs & Things”  toy vault.This was another figure that arrived in the package Jason Vorhees(thanks again J!) sent to me a while ago and I’m sort of digging it.These figures must have originally been released in Japan hence the Japanese print found on and around the packaging/box.At first I didn’t know what to make of this as It seemed to be more of a figurine than anything else with a magnetic web accessory that allowed for display ability on/from any metal surfaces.Unfortunately the magnet at the end of the webbing was missing so I was at a loss for ideas as to how i would display him.The sculpt on this Spidey figure was awesome and the metallic finish made it pop so I knew I was going to have to find a way to display this guy one way or another.Until recently I’ve had this figure stashed away and yesterday I decided to take him out to mess around with him a bit.I must say that i was very surprised at the poses that I was able to pull off on a figure with so few articulated points.I was even able to have him stand upright with the help of his webbing!Jason has sparked my interest in various toy lines and this is just another one to add to the list 😉 I’m not sure what these are going for online or how hard they are to find in the wild but If  I do come across any of them while out and about you can bet I’ll be picking some up!


Transformers DOTM-Optimus Prime(Fireburst) 7/16-7/22

I am finally an owner of  an Optimus Prime figure!I never owned, but always wanted the G1 version and i used to have that small Family Dollar Prime but nothing like this.I know there are other, more fancy shmancy versions of Optimus out there right now but I’m totally happy with my DOTM Voyager Class Fireburst Prime.After Jason from www.http://jasonvorhees.wordpress.com/ turned me on to TF’s figures,I thought that i should start off my collection with an Optimus Prime figure.This would prove to be a tough task considering that most of the bigger scale Prime’s were super expensive and very hard to find in the wild.Luckily I was able to find this version at a local Marshalls on clearance along with a ton of other TF figures that  I’ve had on my radar for a while now.The best part about collecting IMO is finding something you’ve been looking for in a place where you never would have expected it to be.Go figure.Enjoy the pics 😉

Transformers Haul

A while back i received a toy package from fellow blogger Jason Vorhees which included a couple of cool Transformers figures,Brimstone and Leo Prime.Since then I’ve been pretty much hooked and recently picked up a DOTM Bumblebee figure which I absolutely love!I had been wanting an Optimus Prime figure as of late but didn’t want to buy the smaller scale and the larger scales were way too pricey.Luckily,while scanning the toy clearance section of a nearby Marshalls, i was able to scoop up a decent sized DOTM  Fireburst Optimus as well as a Generations Wheeljack !Now while I would have preferred the Optimus to be a bit bigger,he still stands taller than my 3 3/4 Joe figures and should look great next to them when i display them side by side.As far as the Wheeljack figure goes,if you recall i had recently returned a TF Prime version of him so i was thrilled to find this one.This is the Wheeljack i know and love from the 80’s cartoon series!The Thundercracker DOTM  fig i picked up at regular price from my local Wal-Mart  and did so more for nostalgia’s sake.I used to own the original G1 version of him as a kid so this one was a must grab.I also needed another Decepticon tp pair up with my Brimstone fig 😉 I’ll be doing separate posts for each of these guys and a couple other 3 3/4  clearance figures i picked up as well in the next couple of days. Enjoy the pics!