Memorial Day Collection Sneak Peek! 5/28-6/2

Happy Memorial day everyone!Here  are a couple random collection pics.Most of the figures featured have already been showcased here on AF&T  while only a couple have yet to make an appearance.Can you spot them?Some have even traversed the Cosmic Ark winding up here on my toy shelves,deservingly displayed and cautiously cared for (Thanks jboypac!). What you don’t see are the rest of my 80’s Joe’s which i have stashed along with countless card backs  and vehicle boxes .I try to keep as much of the packaging as i can in case  i ever need to go back and reference something,and  some of the artwork on the card backs and fronts are awesome to look at as well.Oh and i almost forgot!I finally got my first 3 3/4 Spider Man (well..second if you count my 80’s SW’s Spidey) action figure and I’ll be posting about it some time this week.Until then enjoy the pics!