MEGA BLOKS Plasma Dragons: Faegron 4/23-4/29

A while ago i picked up a Plasma Dragons booster pack of  Orcs and Knights on clearance for about three bucks at a local Marshalls.While i wasn’t blown away by the overall sculpt of each figure,i feel MEGA BLOKS did a decent job of at least giving some of the figures their very own look and design.Another thing that’s pretty  cool about these figures is that they each have  names which can be found on the back of the instructions sheet that comes with the booster pack,which IMO gives them a bit more of an identity and adds to the over all collect-ability of them.This whole week will be dedicated to the inch-high Knights and Orcs of the Plasma Dragon universe and today we’ll start things off with Faegron!Enjoy the pics.


MEGA BLOCKS Plasma Dragons (loose)

And here they are in all there 1″ glory lol.These guys are pretty cool and they actually look better on display then they do in the pics.They look a little rough around the edges because of the  flash that’s left on them after snapping them out of  the little plastic frames.The set does include a file that allows you to fix this problem.The set also comes with 3 trading cards to get you started if indeed you want to ever play the game.I on the other hand am more interested in the figures as they do pack quite a bit of personality and the weapons they come with are pretty cool too.They all have there own names and all one has to do is match up their figure with the one’s on the checklist.I’m sure there is a whole lot more to these figures and this  booster pack  has really sparked my interest in them.


MEGA BLOKS Plasma Dragons

Well i wasn’t able to score a Stormie after checking out a local Ollie’s,Wal-Mart and Toys R Us but i did pick up the most unlikely toy today and that would be this box of  Mega Bloks.This was more of an impulse buy and for 3 bucks it might be worth it.Something about the box art screamed 1980’s but since i knew nothing about this line i wasn’t about to pay more than 3 dollars for it.I also liked the fact that the figure inside comes with  weapon’s and when i saw the character selection on the back of the box i thought why not.I haven’t opened this yet but as soon as i do i’ll put you guy’s up on the scoop!

MEGA BLOKS Plasma Dragons