Playmates Terminator Salvation T-700?

I’m not 100%  sure of  it  but I think I got it right. There are so many different versions of these guys floating around that unless you do your homework, it’s hard to tell them apart.This one came  in a package  Jason Vorhees sent over to me a while back and I’m just loving it.Jason got me started with TF’s and now it seems like I’ll be hunting down a couple of these Salvation figures as well ;)I loved Terminator flicks as a kid and I was more than glad to add this iconic figure to my collection.I’m hoping to put together a display made up of  figures from the Aliens,Terminator and Predator films and this might not be so hard to do.Most of those figures can be had for  a reasonable price on ebay and acquiring at least 3 figures from each line should be an attainable task.A thank you goes out to Jason Vorhees for this awesome figure as well as  for the host of other goodies which I have yet to post about!

2010 Playmates Lucha Libre USA Masked Warriors-Tinieblas Jr. 5/7-5/12

With all the cool Marvel and Thundercat  6″  figures out there,who would have thought that a Lucha Libre USA Wrestling 6″(or 8″ ..not sure)  figure would be the first to make it’s way into my collection!Let’s get this out of the way now,i am in no way a huge Wrestling fan,let alone Mexican Wrestling, but there is something about the masks and colorful outfits these guys wear that totally grab my attention.I think it was Jeremy and Malcolm over at who posted about the good ol’ days of Wrestling that may have sparked my interest in picking up a figure or two,only i didn’t want to pick up any WWE stuff.I wanted something different.So the other day while scanning the toy aisles  of a local Dollar General i ran across a cheap knock-off set of  masked Mexican Wrestlers  and if it wasn’t for the fact that i was in somewhat of a rush i would have probably picked those up but I ultimately exited  D.G. empty handed.At least now i knew what i was looking for ,some bad a#$ masked Mexican Wrestler figures!Needing to fill that “masked wrestler ” void i immediately hopped online and found some M.U.S.C.L.E. figures (about 8 of them) and won the auction  for  2 bucks(i’ll post pics this week)!Then low and behold the other day at a local CW i finally found what i was looking for.A super cool,6″ and crazy articulated Lucha Libre USA Masked Warrior/Mexican Wrestler Tinieblas Jr. And who is Tinieblas Jr.  you ask?I have no clue, but i just had to have em’!The color scheme on his outfit/mask was sick  and the card art and design was super eye-catching!I will definitely dig up as much as i can on this guy online as well as the toy line to see if i can add a couple more of these Lucha Libre bruisers to my collection!

jboypacman does it again!

A while back i posted a “Most Wanted Action Figures” list here on Action Figs & Things,and one of those figures happened to be Toxie from the 90’s cartoon series “Toxic Crusaders”.Fellow blogger and good friend jboypacman  ( just so happened to have a Toxie figure and very kindly offered to send it over to me.Seeing as this was a figure that has eluded me in the past and had been on my radar for a long time now i could not refuse the offer. So i get home today and darn near trip over a package  left there for me by my post man and wouldn’t you know it,it was from jboypacman!Here i am totally psyched about jbp sending me just the Toxie and he outdoes himself..again…by sending me a shoebox sized package full of goodies(which i’ll be posting about  very soon). Not only did he send me a Toxie figure, it was a  100% COMPLETE TOXIE!Holy crap i nearly lost it when i saw that his American flag adorned mop with the rest of his accessories were all there. Now my very first memories of Toxie stem back to the early 80’s when the live action film “The Toxic Avenger” released.After that i think a video game was released and then ultimately the cartoon series.I’ve always loved this figures color scheme, overall look and detailed sculpt.I’m not surprised that Playmates released this line of figures as they were released in the 90’s and Playmates pretty much had that decade on lock.A super huge shout out  and genuine thank you goes out to jboypac 😉 !

1991 Toxic Crusaders Toxie

90’s Action Figures! 1997 Playmates Don Diego Zorro w/Slashing Sword

Continuing on with the 90’s theme,today we have everybody’s favorite masked (or in this case not so masked) swordsman Don Diego A.K.A.  Zorro! Here is a figure i knew nothing about until one day while looking at some of the older vintage Zorro figures on line, these 1990’s version of Zorro’s made by Playmates  popped up .I thought what better way to start my 1990’s collection of action figures than with Zorro!Granted there were other versions of him from this line but something about this one really stood out to me.I think the battle scars and wrapped arms is what did it for me, and needless to say he now adorns my(very small) 1990’s section of action figures.As much as i like this figure there are some things about it that kind of bug me.For starters- the fact that the arm which holds the sword is permanently straight and outward.It would have been cool if  he would have been able to hold it out in front of him. The arm does twist around but that’s about it.The other thing is that this is Zorro and i think that his trademark black mask should have at least been painted on.Other than those two beefs everything else about this figure IMO is pretty cool.The “slashing sword” feature is pretty cool and can be activated by turning the wheel on Zorros back.I really like this line and might have to go looking for other versions of him.Enjoy the pics!

1997 Playmates Don Diego Zorro w/slashing sword