G.I. Joe POC-Cobra Commander

I’m hooked on the Pursuit of Cobra line all over again.I almost forgot how much fun it is to rip open  action figure packaging that has actual contents inside and not just some old solitary action figure.The POC line of G.I. Joe figures does a great job at pushing those nostalgic buttons that bring us back to a time when action figures came with a myriad of accessories and fold out inserts!Those inserts with action pics of other figures available from the line  were what fueled our desire to save up our pennies in order to  fulfill that elusive dream of  one day owning the entire collection.As far as accessories go,they defined the figure they came packaged with.I mean what was Storm Shadow without his bow and arrow back-pack.Snake Eyes without Timber.Zartan without his mask disguise and Bazooka without his…..well…his bazooka.Hasbro definitely hit the mark with the Pursuit of Cobra line of figures.



Cloth cape FTW!




RSCN8077Could this ominous box containing an unknown element be what Fury and Duke were discussing  in their last encounter?






G.I. Joe POC – Cobra Jungle Viper

The Cobra Jungle Viper is another awesome figure from the POC line.This is one of those figures that I would just love to see the concept art for.He sort of has a “Nemesis Enforcer” vibe to him.Don’t know why but to me he just does.If you’re into troop building,then this is the viper to do it with.One Jungle Viper is intimidating enough,imagine an army!You would think that all the jungle stealth armor would take away from his pose-ability but it really doesn’t.Although I picked this guy up back when they first released him,I read somewhere that he recently popped up at a Wal-Mart on clearance.Not 100% sure of the credibility of the story,but it won’t hurt to keep your eyes peeled!

G.I. Joe POC – Cobra Shock Trooper

Looking over some of my older posts I realized that alot of my POC/ROC figures have yet to be highlighted here on AF&T, so these next couple of days will be dedicated to those specific figures. Now while the 25th Ann. Joe’s paid homage to the popular and my personal favorite 80’s  line of Joe’s,there was something about them that seemed a bit off.Don’t get me wrong,I liked them but I also felt like some of the figures were a little too elongated  or symmetrically challenged.Take my 25th. Ann. Roadblock and his lop sided eyebrows..not cool.Then the ROC line of Joes released and while the movie didn’t live up to expectations,the figures did.They were sturdy,well made with almost flawless paint applications and tons of accessories!Not only were there figures of characters who came out in the film,but also of pastime greats like Gung Ho and Doc with a revamped look!The POC line then took the ball and ran with it,releasing never before seen characters like Shadow Tracker and improving on existing characters like Snake Eyes and Firefly!After POC there was the 30th Ann. line and then the well pretty much went dry 😦 So while 25th Ann. G.I. Joe’s set the modern day standard as far as articulation goes,ROC and POC raised the bar.Here we have the Cobra Shock Trooper,a shining example of how impressive the POC line of Joes  is 😉