The Clawful Sure Packs A Punch!

A package, from a trade I made with John from the Clawful Punch,arrived today! I’m super stoked about the Quick Kick and Crystal Ball figures as they were a part of my collection as a kid. Nice to have them back! The Perseus figure had been on my want list for a while now so I can finally scratch him off. I’ll be doing individual posts as soon as I get a little extra time. Thanks again John!



UFC-Georges St-Pierre/Blogger not working?

Two part post here.For some strange reason,everytime i try to post on Blogger sites,i get an error?I’m wondering if anyone else is encountering the same problem.So if i haven’t commented on your blogs,just know that it is due to technical difficulties.I’m still checking your blogs out daily ;)This will be my final UFC post of the week,although i may be looking to add a couple more to the collection.This another fighter who i am quite unfamiliar with but thought he looked bad a#$!Looks like Quick Kick has a couple of new recruits!Enjoy the pics!










G.I. Joe ROC -Quick Kick

Quick Kick was one of my all-time favorite Joe’s and still is.I used to have the 80’s version as a kid and loved it to death.I’m kicking myself now for not picking up the 25th Ann. version but was able to find this guy pretty cheap online a while back.I like this figure alot but would ¬†like it more if he were bare foot like the original QK.I like the color scheme and while the “fist” logo on his gi ¬†looks a little generic it’s not half bad either.I love the weapon assortment as well.Enjoy the pics!