G.I. Joe ROC Rip Attack Tiger Snake w/Street Viper

This was sitting next to the Snake Eyes Jet Storm cycle on sale so i picked it up as well.You can’t beat paying 8 bucks for two vehicles and two figures.This is the Cobra Tiger Snake and it comes with the Street Viper figure.I’m not too crazy about the color scheme but i love the design.The figure is pretty cool too!


Cobra Tiger Snake


G.I. Joe ROC Rip Attack Jet Storm Cycle w/ Snake Eyes

First of all let me give you all a  second to catch your breath after reading the ridiculously long title of this post 1…2…3…better?  O.K. now that we’ve got that squared away we can move on to my thoughts on this product.The first thing you’ll notice about the packaging is the lack of toy visibility.I must have passed by this box  a gazillion times in the past at my local department stores,not because of the price but because  of what i perceived it to be.The only visible piece of the product is a trigger mechanism which IMO  mislead buyers(including myself) into thinking this was just a mere G.I. Joe ROC nerf-like hand gun  or something to that effect.Sure, upon closer inspection and after looking at the back of the box all the specs are available to read and look at but if your anything like i am then you’re probably going to give this a quick glance and then focus on the more visible items on the shelves and pegs.What this box fails to convey to potential buyers are the incredibly cool contents and amazing action figure included.

G.I. Joe ROC Rip Attack Jet Storm Cycle w/ Snake Eyes

Here’s the Jet Storm Cycle out of box and ready for some Rip Attack action!The way the mechanism works is self  explanatory 1)you yank the rip attack cord  2)pull the trigger and 3)watch Snake Eyes high tail it across your living room floor(it’s alot faster on hard surfaced floors but still works on carpets and rugs) !I have had more fun with this motorcycle at the age of 34 and can appreciate the gimmick more than i  would have  as a kid LOL!

All gimmicks aside,contrary to what a lot of people have said and written about this motorcycle in past reviews,i think it’s pretty sick.It’s durable,heavy with thick rubber wheels and stands alone even with the Snake Eyes figure mounted.While this cycle may not look as sleek or hip as the Arashikage,it still has that military and aerodynamic vibe to it and kind of reminds me of a futuristic version of the 80’s RAM cycle .The Arashikage cycle is cool but IMO looks more like a racing bike or something you would take out for a pleasure spin whereas the Jet storm  is all about business.

What really shines about this set IMO is the Snake Eyes figure that comes with it.Again,It wouldn’t have hurt Hasbro to make this guy visible in the package.I absolutely love this version of  Snake Eyes.A lot of times, figures that are included with motorcycles are permanently stuck in one position or have limited articulation.Such is not the case with this one.The only difference between this figure and the individually carded ones is that he comes with no weapons or figure stand.Other than that he is fully articulated and comes with  a pre-cut file card as well.The  solid black paint on this figure is awesome and to me looks better than the carded ROC  movie version of Snake Eyes.This set really should have been called “Snake Eyes w/Rip Attack Jet Storm Cycle”  😉

Here he is sporting my POC Snake Eyes’ sword and sheath!

If you hurry out to Toys R Us now these sets are on sale and can be bought for 4 -5 bucks a piece.The figure alone is worth that much IMO and if your looking to fill holes in your Joe collection go out and grab this set now before it’s too late!