5 Points And Proud!

I like the fact that HASBRO is still focusing its attention on the youngsters by putting affordable, simple product out on the shelves of Family Dollar toy aisles everywhere. As a kid, I didn’t have Family Dollar. I had Fays, which coincidentally used to be where our local Family Dollar is now. Fays was a drug store with a toy section similar to a hot midget-tiny but sexy (did I just write that?). While not the biggest of toy aisles, heavyweights like G.I. Joe, Secret Wars and Transformers always populated the pegs. I bought my first Secret Wars figure from Fays, Dr.Doom. Mattel’s Secret Wars line of action figures were based on the famous “Secret Wars” comic mini series , and consisted of some of Marvel’s most prominent characters. While limited in articulation to just 5 points, each figure had a ton of personality! The brightly colored figures would almost certainly attract attention, much like this new line of Family Dollar Marvel Universe figures would catch mine!


Left:Marvel Universe Family Dollar Spider-Man/Right:1984 Secret Wars Spider-Man

Seeing this Spider-Man figure on the pegs conjured up old Secret Wars memories that the new, more articulated Marvel figures of today have so blatantly suppressed. And even though we all loved our Secret Wars Spider-Man figures back in the day, this was what we really wanted him to look like! I already knew the paint was perfect just by inspecting the easy-to-view figure inside the packaging. My only concern was that when I finally got my Spidey home and unboxed, would he have that same plasticky feeling  that my childhood favorite Secret Wars figures had?


Yes!This was a childhood experience relived ,people! Hasbro managed to make an affordable, kick ass Spider-Man figure comparable, and arguably better than most of the lesser articulated movie figures being sold now for almost twice as much!







There are other figures in this line like Wolverine, Captain America and Hulk, but this is the gem. Even If you can’t bare to even look at a figure with less than 25 points of articulation, Spidey here is the exception. I’ve seen a lot of Spider-Man figures that have managed to capture his classic look,but few have come as close to it as  this “Dollar” store Spidey 😉


5 points….


..and proud!





Marvel Secret Wars Comic Pack #12 -The Thing & Bulldozer 8/13-8/19

I found this comic pack marked down at a nearby Wal-Mart and could not pass it up.I really needed a Thing figure for my collection and the Bulldozer figure,while not a must have,is definitely a plus.

From what I’ve read around the internet this Thing figure isn’t the most popular but the only flaw IMO is his range of motion,or lack there of.He’s not the most poseable figure but he still looks bad a#$ when displayed!I also like the fact that he’s shorter than my Avengers Hulk figure.

I gotta admit,I don’t know much about Bulldozer other than the fact that he is part of the Wrecking Crew.This really makes me want to find the other three crew members -Piledriver,The Wrecker and Thunderball!I remember seeing these guys a lot as a kid as they would make the occasional appearance in random comics in my collection.

Comic books and action figures go hand in hand IMO.As a kid I would have gone nuts for these comic packs.Back then we were limited to reading a small three-framed strip on a card back or to a mini-comic at best.The comic included in this pack is Secret Wars #12 and while the story is dated,the various pin-up’s found at the end were a nice addition.More than anything, I dug the Marvel Universe action figure advertisements on the back of the cover!

My 4 Favorite Figures Right Now…..

I don’t know about you guys and your collections,but around here action figure favoritism varies from time to time.I can fixate on certain figures for a day, a week or even months and for that time period they will be my favorite figures.I find it quite strange myself but that’s just how my mind works i guess.Some figures ,like my Secret Wars Captain America,are a constant favorite and unless something extremely epic makes it’s way into my collection,the Captain will continue to hold rank.Other figures are recent additions that manage to keep their appeal long after being taken out of the package and put on display,like my 3 3/4 Avenger’s Hulk figure.Jboypacman was cool enough to send me a Toxie figure that i so desperately wanted in my collection and since then has stood strong atop my 4 favorite figures list.Last but not least we have this little gem of an Indiana Jones figure i found in the dollar bin at a local hobby shop a while back,and i just love em’. So there you have it guys!My 4 favorite figures (for now 😉 )

1984 Marvel Secret Wars Iron Man 1/16-1/22

This is one of my favorites of the Secret Wars line because of the vibrant color scheme.I also love the fact that Iron Man here,like select other SW figures,has one of his fists balled up and ready for action.I was able to score this one a while back with minimal paint wear(if any)and most of his accessories(i think i’m missing some additional shield inserts).I love the Secret Wars toy line but i find that not too many other figures blend in with them.I was taking a look at jboypacmans “Most Wanted ” list and i was reminded of Remco’s Mighty Crusaders line and how well they may look next to some of my Secret Wars figures.It might be a longshot (with the Mighty Crusaders head size and all) but these two brands may look pretty cool together and i now have these figures on my radar as well. If i do manage to score some in the near future i’ll make sure to take some side by side comparison pics of the two lines.If anybody knows of another brand of action figure that might blend in well with the SW’s line  i would love some suggestions.(BTW-The Iron Man ball was a gift from my daughter,daddy loves you very much 🙂 )

1984 Marvel Secret Wars Iron Man


1984 Secret Wars Doctor Doom 11/28-12/4

This particular figure stands out to me because of the  memory attached to it.The year was 1986 or ’87,not 100% sure .I remember riding the bus home from school one day and noticing a CVS  pharmacy in a nearby plaza about 5 blocks away from where we lived .I remember getting off the bus and running home excitedly to break the news to my mom.The cool thing about pharmacies was the mutual interest me and my mother had in them.My mom loved stores like CVS  because of their wide variety of everything from Tylenol to Chocolate Cordials, so while she scoured the aisles for Neosporin and paper towels i would be assessing the toy section and searching for that one action figure that would possibly be making the trip back home with me that day if i was lucky.So sure enough after letting mom know that we were running low on paper towels and how she would absolutely have to go to CVS and replenish her depleted BRAWNY supply, off we went….and that’s when i laid eyes on this incredibly cool Secret Wars Dr. Doom action figure.I already owned the Captain America figure from this line and i just had to have that Doctor Doom to go with it.Ultimately my mom caved and bought ol’ doom for me that day and i can still remember reading the card front to back while walking back home. This Dr. Doom isn’t the one i owned as a kid but i was still able to pick it up in pretty much mint condition with all of his paint,accessories and very minimal wear if any and while he’s not on my “Top 5 Action Figures Owned” list he definitely cracks my top 10 list!

1984 Marvel Secret Wars Dr. Doom


Cont. Pics