Back 2 Vintage…

From here on out  i’ll be focusing more on certain vintage/80’s toys to fill small holes in my collection and then ultimately refrain from collecting certain contemporary figures.Darn you Marvel Universe with your awesome variety of unreasonably high priced figures!With things getting kind of tight around here I may start selling off some of my sports cards again  to pick up some more vintage awesomeness!Here’s what i’m looking for….

1.At least one more Coleco Rambo Force of Freedom action figure

2.2 more Sectaurs figures

3.1 more C.O.P.S. figure

4.2 more vintage Thundercats figures

5.1 more 200x  He-Man figure(preferably Skeletor,Ram Man or Stratos)

6.80’s Michael Knight figure

7.At least 2 vintage Clash of the Titans figures

8.Last but not least…..Marshall Bravestarr’s elusive white cowboy hat.I can’t find it anywhere!

Happy Holidays to everyone and there families including any that were unfortunate enough to be involved in the crisis in Connecticut.If there is a God out there please bless those families with any and everything they deserve after that terrible ordeal  they are being forced to live through.Having three kids of my own ,tears come to my eyes every time I think about it.Just felt like I had to acknowledge that before moving on with this blog which seems so insignificant to me when I think about the realer things going on in the world today.So…again..Happy Holidays,Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you and yours.



1985 Sectaurs Warriors of Symbion Skito 12/5-12/11

I remember one year on my birthday my parents taking me to Toys R Us to pick something out.As always Toys R Us had an amazing toy assortment and although i was a big fan of  G.I. Joe  i could always find those figures anywhere from the local drugstore to our neighborhood supermarket.Getting the chance to walk down the seemingly overstocked toy aisles at Toys R Us  was almost a once in a lifetime thing for me back then and i knew that if i didn’t pick out something exclusive to the store that my chances of going back for it later was going to be ever so slim.So there i was carefully studying each figure and playset meticulously almost like an employee  taking inventory,when suddenly…BAM!THERE IT WAS!A Sectaurs Warriors of Symbion Waspax figure with his pet insect Wingid!I totally fell in love with this figure and the toy line.I think i also picked out one of those “V” figures that day,the lizard faced alien with removeable human mask.Since then i’ve always wanted to pick some of these up on Ebay and so far i’ve only got this incomplete Skito figure.I hated the fact that he didn’t come with any accessories but the color scheme on these figures are so impressive that even without their respective holsters they are great for displaying.These toys were made by Coleco,a very underrated(IMO) toy company  that also produced the Rambo line of figures that debuted shortly after the Sectaurs were discontinued.As you can see both figures are similar in height and articulation and can easily be displayed together ,side by side without any clashing.

1985 Sectaurs Skito

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