Cobra Commander V.5

Excuse me while I channel my inner 8 year old to say that Cobra Commander is one of my all time favorite “bad guy” leaders.I got a soft spot for C.C.,especially when he got played by Destro,Mindbender and Serpentor  in the classic animated film.I used to love when he got hands-on with the Joe’s.You know,actually jumping into a vehicle and taking it to Dukes doorstep with a squad of lackey yet loyal,Cobra troopers behind him.That’s why I like this figure so much.Jboypacman(John) over at The Clawful Punch sent this little gem of a C.C. figure over in a trade we completed a while back,and I’m really diggin’ the firepower that came with it.It took me a minute to figure out where the two missiles went,but realized where they went soon after.Now I gotta find the electronic  back pack that came with it originally .Apparently it   spat out various commands and i’m wondering if it actually sounded like the C.C. from the cartoon series.Enjoy the pics!




“Get your Cobra Commander action figure with bust-a cap action today!”








1985 G.I. Joe (Mail Away) -Sgt.Slaughter

The only “mail away” figure I ever owned as a kid was Super Trooper,and while I did have the Triple T tank with Sgt.Slaughter,i always wanted the  “mail-away” version. I must say that I was skeptical about picking this up online.For the 8 dollar price tag shipped I expected the Sarge to have a ton of play wear and/or loose joints.Luckily he arrived in amazing condition!I was a bit bummed about the condition of my international Slaughter so this one more than made up for that.











GI Joe-Sgt.Slaughter V.3

This figure I had as a kid along with the Warthog.I loved that thing!I used to pack it in with as many Joes as possible and go on kick ass missions with them!If Cobra ever had any Joe hostages,this version of Sgt.Slaughter along with a heavily manned Warthog would get the nod over any other Joe vehicle.It sucks that I wasn’t able to find one complete w/hat but oh well.One thing that always stuck out on these Slaughter figures was the height and muscles on the arm sculpts.





The prospect of a Slaughter/Snake Eyes two man platoon inspired this pic.


The prospect of a C.C. ass woopin’ inspired this one.RSCN7667

The Box Art Effect

They say never to judge a book by it’s cover,but if two books were placed side by side and one had  better, more eye catching cover art then i’m probably going to flip through that one first.It may end up not being as good a read as the book with the bland cover  but it will most certainly take precedent over it.  The same holds true imo with action figures.I am a sucker for great box art,or am i?I don’t think i’ve ever been disappointed with a figure or vehicle that had great box art.Not yet anyways,but so far so good.Hasbro has been doing it for years now with their G.I. Joe figures and vehicles and other company’s would be wise to follow suit.I can still remember fixating on the Sgt.Slaughter w/Triple T Tank box art sitting on the shelf at my local FAY’S  drug store.Leatherneck hanging off of the side, Sgt. Slaughter in the driver’s seat and that one missile that hung in suspended animation was all it took for me to persuade my parents to ultimately buy me the darn thing.So whether it was the artists down at Hasbro or just  my overblown imagination that made these persuasive pictures come to life,it worked.Here i am in my early thirties and Hasbro still manages to reel me in with box art like the one’s in the pics below. Was there ever any particular box art that caught your eye as a kid that you can still remember today?If so let me know,i would love to hear about them!