G.I. Joe POC – Snake Eyes w/Timber (Desert Battle)

This is the figure that started it all for me.Prior to acquiring  Desert Battle Snake Eyes,i had only collected vintage joes.I must say that when this baby arrived i was hooked.Vintage Joes took a back  seat to the articulation/accessory laden POC figures.While i liked  the action feature on Timber,i really didn’t dig his overall appearance.I still preferred the vintage Timber over this newer version,even with it’s lack of  paint apps and simple sculpt.







G.I. Joe Retaliation(no..not ROC..i wish)-Kamakura

Kamakura is a character that has been gradually growing on me.I didn’t read any of the comics he was in and most of what i know about him is from Wiki and the animated series Valor Vs. Venom.I do however like the idea of Snake Eyes having an apprentice because let’s face it-who’s gonna take over  the position of  G.I. Joe Ninja/Commando if  Snake Eyes ever gets captured or even worse,killed in battle?Kamakura is that’s who……take that…….so there…Cobra baddies!Sorry,got a little carried away.Anyways so yeah i really like Kamakura and hope to read up on his character a little more.I already own the more comic accurate Spy Troops version of him and while i love the ROC version,chances are i’ll probably never own one.So i snagged this one up loose and i’m really, really diggin’ it. Believe it or not,i still haven’t seen Retaliation and was wondering if Kamakura makes an appearance  at anytime during the movie.If not,he should definitely make an appearance in the next series of Joe films!













G.I. Joe ROC-Snake Eyes v.47 (Rescue Mission)

If  you totally disregarded Hasbro’s G.I. Joe ROC line of figures in 2009(like i did),then chances are that you also overlooked the Rescue Mission  set exclusive to Target stores and famous for the Snake Eyes figure that came with it. The set came with two Vipers,Duke and a stealthy Snake Eyes figure deceptively  stashed  inside the package,hidden behind the Duke figure.I didn’t pick up the complete set,but managed to find the Snake Eyes and Duke figure loose.It’s rare to find any of these figures loose because merchants are making a killing selling the complete sets.I didn’t even know this Snake Eyes existed until a few months ago when i saw this Youtube review http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L-Al6O7JpKs  on him.Which by the way is a pretty cool channel for action figure reviews.The Rescue Mission Snake Eyes i picked up is semi-complete but the more important accessories,like his sword,sheath and backpack were included.I really don’t have anything bad to say about this figure.Everything about it is Snake Eyes.The figure is completely black.Some flat,some glossy and the sculpt is perfect.Essentially a repaint of the Resolute Snake Eyes.The web gear’s on point and the all black visor on the head sculpt  works perfectly.To me every Snake Eyes figure should have at least one Arashikage symbol and this one has it on the right shoulder.All in all an amazing  figure and while not better than the POC Ninja Commando version,Rescue Mission Snake Eyes is a close 2nd IMO.











Small changes to AF&T and a couple of new Joes!

I’ll be deleting a couple of links from my blogroll in the next couple of days only because i don’t find myself frequenting them too often.Nothing against them or their  blogs,so i hope no one gets offended if they notice their link has been removed from the list.Also,i have a couple of new Joes to blog about and one of them could quite possibly be the 2nd best 3 3/4 Snake Eyes action figure ever produced that nobody’s ever heard of.Then again,maybe you have.I recently discovered it a couple of months back and it’s taken me this long to finally add it to the collection.Post your guesses if you have an idea of  which S.E. it might be  ;)Again,no hard feelings if you see that your blog has been removed from my blogroll as i am just trying to simplify things a bit.Thanks again to everybody who takes the time to  stop by and comment on AF&T!

Recent Acquisition #4-G.I. Joe Combat Heroes-Snake Eyes/Timber/Zartan

This was one of the centerpieces included in the trade i recently made with Jason Vorhees.Combat Heroes.I told myself a long time ago that i would never collect any of these cool little figures because of  the overall collectability of them.There were just so many of these on store pegs everywhere,i was afraid they would take my focus off of  more important pieces needed to fill out my collection. If that makes any sense.Long story short…being the Snake Eyes collector that i am,naturally i was going to  ask  Jason if he had anything Snake Eyes related to add to the mix, and   he quickly sent me a picture of these little guys!Now normally i wouldn’t have gone for these Combat Heroes figures but this was Snake Eyes…and Timber…and Zartan we were talking about here!Needless to say i accepted the offer and now i own 3 Combat Heroes  🙂 I wanted this set mainly because of  Snake Eyes and Timber and thought they would be a unique pair to add to my small yet growing collection of Snake Eyes figures.It turns out that the Zartan figure is just as cool!His vest is made of  a translucent blue plastic that looks great when light shines through it.The pics i took demonstarting that are a little blurry because i took them without the flash.














G.I. Joe Retaliation-Snake Eyes(ninja duel) loose

Again with the Snake Eyes?!Yep,we got another one.And he’s pretty cool,too!No other single carded figure gets me more excited than Snake Eyes.I think the fact that he was so hard to find as a kid contributes to that.Although the first Retaliation release was pretty damn cool,so is this version.This movie accurate,more futuristic take on G.I. Joe’s ninja/commando  is definitely not your daddy’s Snake Eyes.Let’s start with the head sculpt, which seems to be more of a protective helmet,but works really well with this figure.Snake Eyes dons a slick computerized armor this time around with  predator like gauntlets on both forearms.The detailed/chiseled chest-plate looks great,too.The holster around his waist add to the commando vibe on this figure and holds one of his throwing knives and a small handgun.The sheath looks real nice but only holds one sword.Oh and speaking of accessories.Hasbro finally did away with the multi-colored weapons and opted for  a more realistic look this time around and really did a great job on them.I would definitely put this version of Snake Eyes on my top 5 list,and that’s saying alot considering how many Snake eyes figures have been released throughout the years.I’ll have to do a top 5 Snake Eyes post sometime.Enjoy the pics!