Masters “Classics” – Big Lots

Call me cheap,but when i first laid eyes on  this Orko “Classics” figure at my local Big Lots i said to myself “self,10 bucks is too much for an Orko figure.” I mean i wouldn’t shell out 10 for an original.Then i took a peek inside and realised that not only did it include a cool(and hopefully functioning) stand ,but lying at the bottom of the packaging  was a fully articulated Prince Adam figure!Kind of  an odd way to package a figure imo.So 10 bucks for two figs and a stand warranted the purchase .Now i am the proud owner of my first ever MOTU Classics action figures ;)I’ve stated before how i wasn’t the biggest fan of the uprightedness of these figures.Tonight i’ll mess around with the Prince Adam figure a bit  to see if  it changes my mind.


Marvel Universe-Constrictor

I really need to pick up more villains from the Marvel Universe line.In fact,if i’m not mistaken,Constrictor here is the only Marvel Universe baddie  in my collection.That’s what i get!You see I  boycotted the line right around the time they stopped coming with stands and file cards.Not only that but the figures they were releasing were all too obscure for me.Recently figures like Kraven the Hunter and Kang have caught my eye but those guys are nowhere to be found now.Oh well.Looks like Constrictor’ll be rolling one deep until i can get him some back up.

dscn2804 (2)