G.I. Joe Retaliation-Ultimate Storm Shadow

When I walked into Five Below the other day, on a tip from John over at the Clawful , I didn’t expect there to be many Joes. Maybe a couple Retaliation peg warmers, like the green suited Duke or the Roadblock with the unsightly deformity. I certainly did not expect the Ultimate line of Joes to be freshly stocked the way they were, and for the low price of 5 dollars to boot! These guys were going for big bucks on the bay and that’s not even factoring in the shipping costs. O.K. so they had Roadblock, Budo, Flint and most of the others from the line, big I knew for sure Storm Shadow wouldn’t be there. Stormie was going for bucu dollars online and I had already come to terms with the fact that I would probably never own one. If  I could pretend that  I was O.K. with not owning a Renegades Storm Shadow then I could do the same for the Ultimate version. BOP! Why did I walk into Five Below and find two Ultimate Storm Shadows hanging stealthily behind a Roadblock and Joe Colton figure! After the initial shock finally wore off, I chest bumped an old lady  standing next to me.I finally had an Ultimate Storm Shadow figure in my hands, and he was coming home with me.













Five Below Badness!

Not “bad” meaning “bad” but “bad” meaning “good”!I shat myself when I saw Ultimate Stormy behind a couple of other Ultimate Joe figures at our local Five Below! Wow! Still can’t believe I was lucky enough to find this one. Although I think these are popping up in a lot of other places including Marshalls and a store I’ve never heard of called Tuesday Morning?A big shout out to John over at the Clawful Punch for giving me the heads up about  these showing up at FB’s ;)tLoose pics coming soon!

Storm Shadow Waist-Piece Switchout!

A while back , good buddy Buzz over at Action Figure Adventures sent me a replacement waist for my vintage Storm Shadow figure. I was going to replace it back then but the screw head in his back stripped and I felt like I wasn’t going to be able to switch out the parts without being able to remove that screw and separate the torso. The other day my cojones grew and I decided to take a different approach. I took the legs apart, and by doing so I was able to remove the older waist piece and put the better looking one on! While both show signs of wear, you can clearly see the older one was more yellowed. Another huge thank you goes out to Kevin(Buzz) for the Stormy waist piece 🙂


25TH Ann./Modern Joe Loose Joints Fix!

When receiving an older,vintage Joe in the mail it is very possible for the figure to arrive with loose joints,waist,legs etc.And that’s pretty much expected from a vintage figure that in most cases is well over 15 years old. But what do you do when your brand spanking new,MOC  25th Ann./modern G.I. Joe figure comes with loose leg joints?After doing some digging on the internet,i stumbled across an awesome way to solve this problem!Three figures in my collection suffer from “loose leg joint syndrome”- My recently acquired Cobra Commander,POC Duke and ROC Storm Shadow.I’ve already repaired them and have decided to share the knowledge with my fellow toy blogging community.

Step 1-  You’ll need a small Phillips head screwdriver and some Loctite Super Glue.


Step 2- You’ll want to remove the screw from the inner leg area of figure and keep them nearby and ready for reattaching.



Step 3- Gently dab a little Loctite Super Glue on the ball joint,not too much but enough.You don’t have to wait or anything,just reattach the leg with screw.


Step 4- Repeat the process for second leg,and enjoy your new,easier to pose G.I. Joe action figure!


G.I. ROC-Storm Shadow (Paris Pursuit)

One of the bright spots in G.I. Joe  Rise of Cobra was actor Lee Byung-Hun and  his  portrayal  of  Storm Shadow in  the film.H e was one of the actors who pretty much no one had a beef with,even the toughest critics.I believe this was one of the first SS figures released when ROC toys initially began to show up on the pegs and department store shelves back in ’09.