Captain America Strikefire Transport 9/26-10/2 Pt.2

Captain America ‘s  Strikefire Transport “Ultimate Assault Vehicle” has got to be my favorite vehicle in my small but growing toy collection…so far!This is not like any GI Joe tank or vehicle in the sense that it doesn’t emphasize detail and i don’t remember it coming with any decals either.Still and all the fact that this truck is unique to Captain America makes the Strikefire Transport that much cooler IMO!

Captain America w/Strikefire Transport

Cont. Box Art

The box art reminds me of the older GI  Joe boxes with your typical action shot of the vehicle in pursuit of  who knows what(had the box been a little longer……..i kid).I also love the way they always include the driver of the vehicle either in the cockpit or up on a turret somewhere,it really brings everything to life.

Box Art

Box Art 2

Captain America Strikefire Transport 9/12-9/18 Pt. 1

This is part 1 of  a two part overview of Captain America’s  Strikefire Transport!While everyone is pretty much getting over their case of  Captain America-itis, i sit waiting patiently for the film to make the transition from the big screen to BlueRay and DVD.Yup, you heard right.I still haven’t seen Captain America The First Avenger.I’m really not that big on Movie Theaters and besides,there just so expensive these days.I have seen enough footage on the internet along with television trailers  to know that Hasbro hit the nail on the head with most of the movie figures and vehicles(although i’m not sure if any of the vehicles ever really made a movie appearance). I  first laid eyes on Captain America’s Strikefire Transport at a local Target and just had to have it!The box art was killer,and the fact that it came with a motorcycle put this vehicle over the top.This weeks post will highlight the Captain America figure and his motorcycle.As far as the figure goes,not much goin’ on in that department.Very little articulation and  zero accessories make this figure seem bland when compared to the individually carded Cap’ figures,and justifiably so.Remember that your paying for the vehicle and not so much the action figure included.All negative points aside,this version of Captain America serves its purpose and although not very articulated you can still bend his legs at the knees when placing him in the Strikefire Transport cockpit or on his kick a#$ motorcycle!

Captain America figure included w/Strikefire Transport