“We’re movin’ out..!”

It was about a couple of  years ago today that i decided to give this whole Blog thing a try.I had already been a fan of  sites  like  “Revenge from the Cosmic Ark” and Reis’s  “Hey,Look At My Toys!” http://dorkhorde.blogspot.com/.Great blogger’s like Debs from http://www.vintageactionfigures.net/  ,jboypacman from the http://theclawfulpunch.blogspot.com/   and Colin of  http://super-dupertoybox.blogspot.com/  “Super Duper Toy Box”  fame were among the first to comment on Action Figs and Things.These guys not only inspired me,but kindly accepted me into their blogosphere and for that i consider them to be not only a support group of sorts ,but also my friends.Thank you!Since then my circle of  fellow bloggers has grown and more friendships have formed as a result.Ya gotta love Hobby over at http://monstercafesaltillo.blogspot.com/  …so controversial though 😉 Jdub over at http://jessewg.blogspot.com/  “Metal Borgs”…where have you been?!?.Buzzchuck(Kevin) from http://actionfigureadventures.blogspot.com/  whom i honestly believe owns every action figure ever created in the 80’s!Dan over at  http://plasticmayhem.blogspot.com/  who when you least expect it,drops in on you with a comical ,chuckle inducing comment 😉 Love his video game posts,too.Chris still has the most http://ridiculouslyawesome.wordpress.com/  comic collection and also has the distinction of being the first WordPress blogger i ever reached out to. http://figurefanzero.com/   has some of the most awesome reads this side of the blogosphere and http://combollectoractionfigurerev.blogspot.com/   pics are priceless!Oh,can’t forget  http://jasonvorhees2.wordpress.com/  for aiding me in my quest to finally obtain a vintage Thundercats figure(Panthro) among other cool things via trade!And it all started here.In this home from where i am typing this up as we speak.Solitarily sitting on an adjustable,rolling office chair in front of an old Dell computer with my family in the distance giving me all of their support,albeit in their own  special way.They,especially,have had my back throughout all of this ,knowing how much this hobby means to me.And while i’m sure there where instances where they thought to themselves “Man,what the heck does my 36 year old dad see in those little plastic action  figures?!?”,sparingly,not once did they make it evident.My family truly is heroic!Tomorrow will be our last day here,and until we can get  established in our new home ,posts will be few and far between.I find it funny though, how my very first blog post was about my Secret Wars Captain America figure and my final(well until i’m fully moved into the other place)post before i move will also be about a Captain America action figure. I didn’t even intend for it to be that way,it just happened.So as my family and i bid farewell to what has been our “humble abode”,I leave you with The Avengers “Shield Launcher” Captain America!This one’s quickly becoming a personal favorite of mine!Enjoy the pics and i’ll see ya on da flipside!











The Avengers-Arial Infiltration Mission-Captain America

I just realized that A.I.M. would be the acronym for Arial Infiltration Mission.Anywhootin’anny…i’ve been wanting to add a classic Cap to the old collection for a while now but they were always too expensive online and they barely showed up on the pegs round these parts.Marshalls use to have the Captain America movie comic versions with the jet-pack thingamajigger on clearance for as low as 5 bucks, but i always passed on that one.Son of a popper!So the other day i decided to check  the clearance aisle at Marshalls..again…and came across this guy right here.Avengers blah blah blah blah Mission Captain America!And he had the red boots!-CHECK.And he had the red gloves!-CHECK.And even though the rest of the figure was based on the movie version,   he had the three classic red stripes going across his lower abdomen  just like the original Cap!(or so i thought)-CHECK.And it was only 4 bucks!-CHECK.So i bought that muthapiece!Brought it home,opened it up and took off the  parachute web gear to get a better look at those awesome red stripes that obviously paid homage to  the classic….AAAAAARGH!WTF!Little dark blue stripes in between the red ones!AAWW crap i’d been played   😦  It turns out the dark blue stripes are really part of his suspenders,but man why not just paint those suckers white to keep ish real!It looked rather odd to say the least,but the rest of the figure sort of grew on me after posing and messing around with it a bit.I like the lighter shade of blue compared to the darker shade that was used for the first movie version release.The red gloves and boots are also a nice touch and the parachute web gear + parachute helped raise the morale.For 4 bucks i can’t complain.I even thought about getting some white out to paint over the suspender straps,but i hate messing around with the integrity of an action figure.Oh well.Hopefully the Cap i have on the way will better the situation.



RSCN9532                  OUCH!Isn’t that the French flag’s color scheme?









My 4 Favorite Figures Right Now…..

I don’t know about you guys and your collections,but around here action figure favoritism varies from time to time.I can fixate on certain figures for a day, a week or even months and for that time period they will be my favorite figures.I find it quite strange myself but that’s just how my mind works i guess.Some figures ,like my Secret Wars Captain America,are a constant favorite and unless something extremely epic makes it’s way into my collection,the Captain will continue to hold rank.Other figures are recent additions that manage to keep their appeal long after being taken out of the package and put on display,like my 3 3/4 Avenger’s Hulk figure.Jboypacman was cool enough to send me a Toxie figure that i so desperately wanted in my collection and since then has stood strong atop my 4 favorite figures list.Last but not least we have this little gem of an Indiana Jones figure i found in the dollar bin at a local hobby shop a while back,and i just love em’. So there you have it guys!My 4 favorite figures (for now 😉 )


In my quest to pick up where i left off in the ever expanding comic book universe,i’ve taken the advice of  friends who have suggested that i visit the public library.While not the best place to find newly released comics,there are quite a few  older Marvel and DC  TPB’s as well as other great comic book  related  material.Having access to some of these older issues should aid me in my efforts to slowly creep back into comic book relevance. Take The Avengers for instance.The last time i picked up an Avengers comic was in the late 80’s early 90’s.At that time there were two teams-The West Coast & The East Coast-Avengers.Wonder Man and Hawkeye were my favorite on the West Coast and Captain America my favorite on the East.Since then there has been a who’s who of characters who have( at one point or another) been a part of the Avengers.During my most recent trip to my local library i managed to pick up this amazing book entitled Avengers “THE ULTIMATE GUIDE”.This book has every and anything you’ll ever want to know about the Avengers and then some.Granted the character profiles are brief but there are so many that you’ll want to keep reading just to get to the next one.Avengers: THE ULTIMATE GUIDE  will school you on everything Avengers from the ’60’s-2,000’s and i highly recommend this to anyone looking to get their super hero knowledge on!