1995 Marvel ToyBiz – Cameron Hodge

Out of the slew of great figures sent over to me from Buzzchuck over at Action Figure Adventures,this particular one stood out to me the most .What I love most about  acquiring an action figure that I know nothing about is jumping onto the internet to do a little  research on it. Such was the case with this Cameron Hodge figure.It turns out Cameron Hodge was an old college roommate  of  Warren Worthington and even worked together with Angel to create X-Factor, a team dedicated to protect humans from rogue mutants.Corrupt with jealousy towards Angel,Hodge arranges for Worthington’s death in order to gain access to his funds and create his own group called The Right,however,Angel survives,makes a pact with Apocalypse  and returns as Archangel.Aware of Angels resurgence,Hodge makes his own pact with a demon named N’Astirh and is granted immortality.Hodge and Archangel would meet again in a battle that would leave the immortal Hodge decapitated,ultimately leading to his severed yet still living head being attached to a cybernetic robot body. There’s tons more to read up on regarding this character as well as a two part mini-series (The Phalanx Covenant) from the X-Men animated cartoon that prominently features Cameron Hodge,shedding more light on his background.