Marvel Heroes Face Off 3 Pk. Captain America,The Punisher and Iron Man

A few years back Hasbro released some of these Marvel Face Off  figures individually and they sold  for about $2 a piece.Family Dollar was notorious for carrying these in-expensive brand named figures and i absolutely loved them.I still have a couple and i  recently sent a Spider- Man and Doc-Ock  to jboypacman over at and i’m sure he’ll tell you how cool these little guys  really are.They are not fully pose-able but the arms and heads are,and some even have removable accessories!A few months after the individual figures debuted, Hasbro put out these cool 3 packs  which also sold at Family Dollar and retailed at about $5.Two other 3 packs were released and one included Wolverine,Cyclops, Magneto while the other one featured   Spider-Man,The Green Goblin and Black Spider-Man.

Marvel Heroes Face Off (in pkg.)

Cont. Pics

Marvel Heroes Face Off (loose)