G.I. Joe Retaliation-Roadblock

Even before  Retaliation toy concept pics and art started filtering into the internet,I always said that Roadblock would be the first figure that I would pick up from the line.I mean who wouldn’t want “The Rock” as Roadblock action figure displayed  on their toy shelves?I certainly did and couldn’t wait for the Retaliation first wave release.All of a sudden, Retaliation toy previews started to make their way on to the internet and while most of the figures looked pretty cool,there was something terribly wrong with the figure that I most wanted.”What the freak is that inside of  Roadblocks right hand and is it removable?”A question I’m sure all action figure collectors and G.I. Joe enthusiasts asked themselves after looking at the preview pics on TNI as well as other action figure news sites.Flash forward to the present.Since It’s release,this figure has been ridiculed,laughed at and passed up by many a toy collector.I too joined the parade at one point or another and took jabs at the hideous  seemingly surgically attached  clunk of plastic in the right hand of  Retaliation Roadblock, but then began to take a liking to it after  spotting a couple at my local Wal-Mart.The sculpt was bad a@# and the camouflage pants w/balck tank top reminded me of the Triple T tank Sgt. Slaughter figure.I would display the crap out of this figure holding his giant cannon anyways so the black hand attachment  became a moot point.The pros slowly began to outweigh the cons until I finally snagged him up and boy am I glad I did!I absolutely love this figure 🙂 By far one of the sickest sculpts(right hand aside) in the  Joe universe.There is a presence about this figure when you stand him next to other Joe’s,kind of like the effect Sgt.Slaughter had on my 80’s collection as a kid.While this version  is not the most popular amongst collectors,It’s still the first release of  iconic superstar Dwayne Johnson as Roadblock and i am more than happy to add this awesome action figure  to my collection 😉