G.I. Joe POC – Snake Eyes w/Timber (Desert Battle)

This is the figure that started it all for me.Prior to acquiring  Desert Battle Snake Eyes,i had only collected vintage joes.I must say that when this baby arrived i was hooked.Vintage Joes took a back  seat to the articulation/accessory laden POC figures.While i liked  the action feature on Timber,i really didn’t dig his overall appearance.I still preferred the vintage Timber over this newer version,even with it’s lack of  paint apps and simple sculpt.







Recent Acquisition #4-G.I. Joe Combat Heroes-Snake Eyes/Timber/Zartan

This was one of the centerpieces included in the trade i recently made with Jason Vorhees.Combat Heroes.I told myself a long time ago that i would never collect any of these cool little figures because of  the overall collectability of them.There were just so many of these on store pegs everywhere,i was afraid they would take my focus off of  more important pieces needed to fill out my collection. If that makes any sense.Long story short…being the Snake Eyes collector that i am,naturally i was going to  ask  Jason if he had anything Snake Eyes related to add to the mix, and   he quickly sent me a picture of these little guys!Now normally i wouldn’t have gone for these Combat Heroes figures but this was Snake Eyes…and Timber…and Zartan we were talking about here!Needless to say i accepted the offer and now i own 3 Combat Heroes  🙂 I wanted this set mainly because of  Snake Eyes and Timber and thought they would be a unique pair to add to my small yet growing collection of Snake Eyes figures.It turns out that the Zartan figure is just as cool!His vest is made of  a translucent blue plastic that looks great when light shines through it.The pics i took demonstarting that are a little blurry because i took them without the flash.














1985 G.I. Joe ARAH Snake Eyes w/ Timber V.2 10/24-10/30

G.I. Joe ARAH the cartoon series is by far my all time favorite television show ,past and present.The  constant thickening of  action packed plots,exciting  characters  and a soundtrack laden with funky drum beats and bass guitar riffs was enough to make any kids head spin.Heck i go nuts watching it now.As a kid i would always go to school the next day to discuss past episodes and what funny or cool things certain characters did in them.Quick Kick was a popular topic of discussion with his crazy antics and acting aspirations.Roadblock and Bazooka were always  talked about at one point or another and Cobra Commander’s perpetual whining about a foiled plan always drew laughs.Yet and still no one made bigger headlines those weekday school mornings than Snake Eyes!Those much anticipated  head-to-head confrontations with Storm-Shadow were legendary and the fact that he never spoke was too cool!Watching Snake eyes on television was one thing but owning the elusive action figure with Timber (his pet Husky) damn near made you the” Godfather” of  Joe collecting.Seriously if five kids asked you to spend the nigh that weekend and one of them owned a Snake Eyes figure,the latter  usually took  precedence.I never owned this Snake Eyes as a kid but was fortunate enough to pick one up a few years ago on line for a pretty decent price(considering how hard it is to find one loose under 20 dollars).He’s in pretty good condition with tight joints and although Timber was included with the figure none of his accessories were.

1985 Snake Eyes w/Timber