Bane’s Awesome Monster Themed Cafe in Mexico!

Every once in a while fellow blog reader and commenter on Action Figs & Things Bane  drops by to leave me a comment or two and i really appreciate him taking the time to do so.In my last post Bane commented on a Monster themed cafe that he ran(and still runs) in Mexico and left this great link!/media/set/?set=a.220769358451.173050.209432898451&type=3 to some Facebook photos of  the establishment.Hopefully he won’t mind me using this pic  for the post 😉 I don’t frequent Mexico much but i have a huge family and if any one of them ever decide to take trip to Mexico at any point and time i will definitely recommend this unique and truly one of a kind cafe!

PSSST.. Hey jb you gotta take a look at these pics!


National Museum of Play Vintage Toy pics

Every so often my girlfriend and i pack up the kids(not literally) and head over to our local Museum of Play,a place where the kids can play games,make arts and crafts and we the parents can enjoy some of the cool displays and artwork.With every visit,i make it a point to check out the vintage toy section where everything from comic books to vintage dolls can be found  beautifully on display.The action figures they have on display look amazing,although some of the Star Wars  figures look  somewhat recent to me,hmmm.Take a look at the pic down below and make the call,i’m far from a  Star Wars expert  LOL!These are only some of the toys that can be found at the museum,there are literally thousands more!I’m kicking myself for not taking any pics of the DC Superpowers diorama display  😦  Enjoy the pics!