Memorable Video Game Moments!

After out growing action figures and making the transition into…no not adult hood…comic books and Baseball cards,my interest in video games also became more prevalent.Video games gave me the ability to actually control the comic book characters  as well as play out a full 9 inning game of Baseball using my favorite teams.Enter the Nintendo Entertainment System or NES!I didn’t get to own one of these bad boys until the tail end of its popularity and it was a good thing because at that point there were tons of quality games out  for it.But the two games that really made an impact on me in the early 90’s were LJN’s Wolverine and  RBI Baseball 3!I remember walking into my local Electronics Boutique and seeing these two games on  display.I would pick up the display boxes and shake them a bit first,wondering if the actual game was inside,and then turn over to the back to check out the screenshots and drool at the prospect of one day having my own copies of  Wolverine and RBI 3!


After saving up enough Christmas cash I was finally able to pick up a copy of  Wolverine and RBI 3 and didn’t leave the house for a good week or two.I played both of these games religiously ,waking up early on the weekends  to spend more QT with my NES  😉 .

Wolverine boxart coverart NES nintendo ljnnes_rbibaseball3_front (1)nes_rbibaseball3_backwolvie1

Remember When…… 3/19-3/25

“$4.00 for a comic book?!?You gotta be out of your mind!”Those were the words I so adamantly uttered as i looked at the cover price of  a recently released T.M.N.T comic book at a local supermarket.This wasn’t even a double sized issue or anything,it was just your run of the mill   17-20 page comic book.Shocked as i was i started turning the rotatable rack to see if i could find anything in the dollar range LOL, clearly my  “80’s state of mind” had reared it’s ugly head again,impairing any and all ability to  fathom the monetary value of  a comic book in the year 2,012.My Spidey Sense(or was it my girlfriend) told me to drop the book and walk away slowly.Which kind of sucks because i was really ready to give comic book collecting another try, but that notion my friends quickly fell by the wayside. The same goes for action figures..i’m not mentioning any..ahem “Marvel Universe” …names or anything ,sports cards and when did 60 dollars become the norm for a video game?Holy Stromboli 😮 Now i know the price of these items today are relative to the day and age we live in and 20 years from now comics will probably jump to 8 bucks an issue and the price of 3 3/4 action figures will sky rocket 😦  ,but one can still sit back and reminisce about the good ol’ days when a pocket full of change got you an awesome Marvel mag or a wax pack of  baseball cards(with gum to boot). I remember mowing a lawn or shoveling someones drive way and making enough money to go out and buy 2-3 ridiculously awesome  G.I. Joe or Marvel Secret Wars figures!Those were the days 😉


Heroic Moments In Gaming: Freedom Force PC 1/9-1/15

Needless to say this segment  falls under the “Things”  category of  this  blog’s title.Even before games like X-Men Legends or Marvel Ultimate Alliance released,there existed a little gem for the PC called Freedom Force. I really didn’t know what to expect from this game when i picked it up online close to 6 years ago.The game ran on earlier versions of XP and required a bit of troubleshooting and patching for it to run correctly,but once i got around to playing it i was hooked!The storyline and  cut scenes are styled  after  comics of the early 80’s variety with “Stan Lee -like” narration. This really is the closest you’ll ever come to actually playing a comic book IMO.I expected the characters to come off as cheesy knock-offs , but the character designs and background stories are totally original and very much comparable  to those in the Marvel and DC universe.The packaging was what got me when it first arrived in the mail with a shiny embossed look and a front cover that opens up to reveal awesome artwork and additional screen shots . I never managed to beat the game the first time around but now that i have a separate  computer running an older version of XP i’m ready to give it another try.Enjoy the pics!

Here are some of the character bios from the game’s manual!