Transformers DOTM Wal-Mart Exclusive (Rally)- Bumblebee 10/29-11/4

Now that I have gotten over my Toy Biz  fever (I think),I can start going over some of the goodies Jason Vorhees sent over to me in our trade from a little while ago.I’ll start off with the one figure I totally underestimated and it is this incredibly cool version of  Bumblebee!This DOTM  Wal-Mart exclusive sets itself apart from the rest of the line with a great sculpt,head w/Autobot symbol and superb glossy paint apps!I can’t begin to tell you how impressed I am with both robot and vehicle mode!I’m sure everyone who’s kept up with the blog knows that I am a fan of  The Wreckers but am ultimately one member short of completing the team.That’s where Bumblebee comes in :)In Leadfoot’s absence he will know join Topspin and Roadbuster as an honorary member of The Wreckers!Thanks again Jason 😉


I just got back from a nearby Wal-Mart that had Marvel Legends figures and Secret Wars Comic Packs marked down to 11 bucks!I wasn’t surprised about the comic packs but I never thought I’d see  any Marvel Legends figures  getting the roll-back treatment.I know most of you don’t like to shop at Wal-Mart much but If you’re into the Marvel Legends stuff then you may want to check it out!They had a few Klaw’s,Bucky Cap ‘s  as well as a few others that i can’t remember right now.One guy was checking them out at the same time I was and snagged up two or three of the Marvel Legends figures.I snagged up a Secret Wars comic pack which I’ll be posting about soon.

Pirates of the Caribbean O.S.T. – Blackbeard 7/23-7/29

I picked this Blackbeard figure up on clearance along with a Jack Sparrow from my local Wal-Mart  a while back.This is a line I’ve been wanting to get into for a while now and figured it was about time that I add some of these toys to my collection.If you’ve been meaning to pick up some POTC figures for your collection then now would be a great time to do so.They should all be in your local Wal-Mart’s clearance section for about  $3 bucks a piece.

G.I. Joe Retaliation-Storm Shadow

I have to say this has got to be one of the most exciting times for G.I. Joe action figure collectors and toy collectors in general.The buzz created by the Dollar General Joes and Retaliation figures is entertaining the cr#% out of me lol!The stories that I’ve read on forums about people trying to hunt down some of these elusive figures are hilarious!Heck I’m even guilty of walking into my local Dollar General store on more than one occasion only to be disappointed with my findings, or lack there of.Retaliation figures I’m thinking are a little easier to come by, although they are still pretty scarce around my neck of the woods.The other day i was lucky enough to find the Snake Eyes from that line but it was really the Storm Shadow that i was coveting.My searches for 2012 Joe awesomeness  were becoming more and more discouraging to say the least and i ultimately found myself succumbing to the sultan of surplus …Ebay!There was no way that i was going to drop 40 bucks on any of those Dollar General Joe’s so that turned my attention to the more reasonably priced  Retaliation figures.For about 12 bucks($9-$3.50 shipping) i was able to pick up Storm Shadow, the one figure that i really wanted from the Retaliation line.I think this   Storm Shadow dwarves  any of the ROC/POC  versions.One detail that i feel all Ninja figures should have are the split toe(jika-tabi) shoes and this figure has them.They also rock side to side for pose-ability.Although not movie accurate or traditional,I love the sculpt of the figure.This Storm Shadow feels and looks like a Ninja.The head sculpt is great and his eyes have a more menacing look than some of the ROC versions did.If i had to use one word to describe this figure, it would be “Sleek”.The White w/ Gray color scheme really flows and the placement and size of the Cobra insignia is perfect.Retaliation Stormie is solid and if your looking for a futuristic, more updated and less exaggerated version of him then this is the one to get. Enjoy the pics!

G.I. Joe Retaliation Snake Eyes

Yesterday i was able to finally track down some Retaliation figures at a Wal Mart located a little further away from where i live.Actually there were only about 3 of em’  hanging off the pegs in the desolate Joe section.There was one Roadblock (with the funny gun part thingy stuck to his hand) and two Snake Eyes,so i snagged up Snake Eyes.The one i really wanted was Storm Shadow but no luck there,unless they decide to restock.I’ll post about the Snake Eyes figure sometime during the week 😉


Marvel Super Poseable Spider-Man

For a while now I’ve been saying how no other version of Spider-Man will outshine my ’84 Secret Wars Spidey figure.The crush I have on the 80’s Secret Wars line is ridiculous and rightfully so.As a kid when reading the pages of a comic book proved to be doing little in the way of  satisfying my Marvel super hero cravings,those magnificent 80’s Mattel figures were always there to finish the job.The 1984 S.W. Spider-Man will always be my favorite version, but i felt that it was time to pick up a more modernized and articulated Spidey to add to my small Marvel Universe collection and to possibly team up with some Joe’s for a random photo shoot.Walking down the toy aisle of  an out of the way Wal-Mart in search of the elusive Retaliation figures,i stumbled across a crap load of  $10 dollar Marvel Universe figures  and a bunch of  $7 dollar Fiercest Foes Spider-Man figures .I figured i wasn’t about to drop 10 bucks on a Marvel Universe Spider Man when i could pick up the less expensive  Fiercest Foes(I’m not even sure if Fiercest Foes is the name of the line or just the cards that are included)  version.I had been wanting to pick up this version of  Spider-Man for a while now but the line seemed to have disappeared.Up until now i hadn’t seen any on the toy aisle pegs  nor in any clearance sections so they must have sold well. Long story short,i finally found the version of Spider-Man i had been looking for and I’m pretty pleased with it.The plastic used for these figures is a litter harder than the  M.U.  stuff and while the paint apps are off a bit the bright colors  really pop.If you are  serious and meticulous about your action figures than maybe this isn’t the figure for you, but if you are more of a casual collector (like myself) and you’re looking for a solid default Spider-Man figure to add to your collection then snag this one up.