5.Forearm 4.Crimson Dynamo

I finally have someone for my ToyBiz War Machine  to beat up on with this sick Crimson Dynamo figure.While I like the older versions of CD a bit better,this one really stands out and came complete with armor and chest blast!Forearm is another cool X-Force figure which narrows down my needs to complete the entire series.









7.Junkpile 6.Grizzly

Here we have an X-Men from the future (Junkpile) and an X-Force Baddie (Grizzly).Not very familiar with either of these guys but that’s the joy of collecting.Finding characters you know nothing about lights a fire under your behind and motivates you to do some diggin’!Junkpile is part of X-Men 2099.A mutant with the ability to create himself entirely out of metal,Junkpile is one awesome looking action figure!Press down on his head and Junkpile explodes into a …well… into a junk pile.Grizzly used to be part of Cables “The Wild Pack” and then later ..according to WIKI…became a serial killer.So I guess that makes him a baddie.Or a meanie at best.Another awesome piece o plastic ,though, and addition to my ToyBiz collection!









1992 Toy Biz X-Force-Warpath

Needless to say X-Men was a personal favorite of mine along with the Wolverine spin-offs  back in my comic book collecting days ,and then there was X-Force!X-Force made a small impact on me as a kid and shortly after picking up a few copies I would ultimately give comic book collecting the boot and move on to gaming.This had nothing to do with the quality of the X-Force stuff that was coming out, and while the art in them was a little off (Shatterstars hands looked funny as heck when holding his swords) the overall idea and characters were great.Warpath was one of my favorites and while I never knew much about him or his backstory,he was still a powerful and bad a#$ looking character .After Toy Biz released their line of   Marvel Super Heroes and X-Men figures,the first wave of X-Force figures would surface.Much like the previous X-Men figures,the X-Force line would get similar treatment in the sculpt department and individualized gimmicks as well.These figures weren’t the most aesthetically pleasing,but warranted a second look especially if you were a fan of  X-Force.My Warpath figure has similarties to the Thundercats line of figures as far as articulation goes.The knees don’t bend and neither do  his arms to facilitate his thunder punch action.He also comes with a red blaster which didn’t come with the loose version I picked up.What I love most about these figures are their vibrant colors, superb glossy paint apps and heavy duty plastic that brings me back to a time when toys were simple yet effective enough to keep us entertained for hours at a time in our rooms and living room floors as kids.I won’t go after every wave 1  X-Force figure but will most definitely pick up a Cable and Shatterstar at some point.