X-Men Movie Series-Professor X

I remember picking this figure up years ago out of a clearance bin at a Kay-Bee toy store.Buzz Chuck over at http://actionfigureadventures.blogspot.com/ just did a post about the same figure  only his version was used as custom fodder  and would ultimately don a snazzy hair-do 🙂 My version is still bald and like Buzz stated loose as heck!The figure itself is aesthetically pleasing but the leg joints are super loose.The Prof looks great sitting in his wheelchair and while I was still able to get him to stand,the loose joints are a minor turn off.I probably won’t go chasing down any other figures from this line but a Legends Wolverine and Storm might look pretty neat standing next to the Professor.If anyone has any of  the Legends X-Men and would like to work out a trade let me know 😉

When Toys Come Full Circle!

Years back I was mostly into collecting McFarlane sports figures.I remember making a deal with my nephew who was around 7 at the time,that for every “A” he received on a test or homework assignment , I would let him pick one figure or bobble head from my collection.The little genius went on to ace most of his tests and homework assignments and pretty much made off with most of my collection LOL!Flash forward to the present,and my nephew is now 18  years old and like most 18 year old’s,has a whole new set of interests.Since then the figures   have been in his attic collecting dust and knowing how I’ve gotten back into collecting,  I was  asked repeatedly by my sister,brother-in-law and nephew to pick them up because frankly they weren’t going to do anything with them and they were taking up space.So 12  years later these figures have boomeranged their way back into my collection and while a part of me really wanted my nephew to hang on to them and continue the collecting tradition, I also knew that collecting just wasn’t his thing.These figures will be mainstays in my collection on the strength of their sentimental value and will be be properly showcased here on Action Figs and Things!