Marvel Universe-Colossus

Colossus was another MU figure that I missed out on when it released a while back .This is the newly released figure,i believe,as it came sans the TOP SECRET S.H.E.I.L.D. S.H.I.E.L.D.  file card most of the initial MU figures came with back in the day. Another big time hole filled with the addition of this awesome looking figure .



Another cool aspect of this particular Colossus figure is the hinged head sculpt which allows colossus to look up and down!














7.Junkpile 6.Grizzly

Here we have an X-Men from the future (Junkpile) and an X-Force Baddie (Grizzly).Not very familiar with either of these guys but that’s the joy of collecting.Finding characters you know nothing about lights a fire under your behind and motivates you to do some diggin’!Junkpile is part of X-Men 2099.A mutant with the ability to create himself entirely out of metal,Junkpile is one awesome looking action figure!Press down on his head and Junkpile explodes into a …well… into a junk pile.Grizzly used to be part of Cables “The Wild Pack” and then later ..according to WIKI…became a serial killer.So I guess that makes him a baddie.Or a meanie at best.Another awesome piece o plastic ,though, and addition to my ToyBiz collection!









1995 Marvel ToyBiz – Sunfire

As much as I love these 90’s ToyBiz figures,I feel like they’ve taken over the blog as of late and I really can’t wait to do some Joe posts.I’ll still have them on my radar but I’m pretty confident that this will be the last ToyBiz related post that I’ll be doing in a long time.Buzzchuck really did me a favor in sending me this awesome figure seeing  as how I had been wanting to pick it up for a while now.Sunfire was a character that I got familiar with back in the early ’90s  as he made several appearances in various issues of X-Men comic books  I owned as a kid.The cool thing about it is that this is is exactly how he looked.While alot of these ToyBiz figures are based off of the X-Men animated series,I can’t say that I remember  seeing Sunfire in any of the episodes.I love the figure,though,and gotta give crazy thanks to Buzz for passing him on to me 😉

UPDATE! ToyBiz Iceman MOC!

I was finally able to snag one up and while the card itself is a little dinged up,the figure is in mint condition!I’ve since taken him out of the packaging so expect some comparison pics of this and the old Iceman I picked up a while ago.I’m usually not that picky about the condition of my action figures but the translucency of this figure is where all the appeal is at, so I had to have a crispy clean/clear one to add to my collection of 90’s ToyBiz  figures.Tomorrow morning i’ll have an all new ToyBiz figure up and published while most of the upcoming week will showcase the rest of what Buzzchuck over at Action Figure Adventures sent me 😉

1995 Marvel ToyBiz – Cameron Hodge

Out of the slew of great figures sent over to me from Buzzchuck over at Action Figure Adventures,this particular one stood out to me the most .What I love most about  acquiring an action figure that I know nothing about is jumping onto the internet to do a little  research on it. Such was the case with this Cameron Hodge figure.It turns out Cameron Hodge was an old college roommate  of  Warren Worthington and even worked together with Angel to create X-Factor, a team dedicated to protect humans from rogue mutants.Corrupt with jealousy towards Angel,Hodge arranges for Worthington’s death in order to gain access to his funds and create his own group called The Right,however,Angel survives,makes a pact with Apocalypse  and returns as Archangel.Aware of Angels resurgence,Hodge makes his own pact with a demon named N’Astirh and is granted immortality.Hodge and Archangel would meet again in a battle that would leave the immortal Hodge decapitated,ultimately leading to his severed yet still living head being attached to a cybernetic robot body. There’s tons more to read up on regarding this character as well as a two part mini-series (The Phalanx Covenant) from the X-Men animated cartoon that prominently features Cameron Hodge,shedding more light on his background.