Recent Acquisition #4-G.I. Joe Combat Heroes-Snake Eyes/Timber/Zartan

This was one of the centerpieces included in the trade i recently made with Jason Vorhees.Combat Heroes.I told myself a long time ago that i would never collect any of these cool little figures because of  the overall collectability of them.There were just so many of these on store pegs everywhere,i was afraid they would take my focus off of  more important pieces needed to fill out my collection. If that makes any sense.Long story short…being the Snake Eyes collector that i am,naturally i was going to  ask  Jason if he had anything Snake Eyes related to add to the mix, and   he quickly sent me a picture of these little guys!Now normally i wouldn’t have gone for these Combat Heroes figures but this was Snake Eyes…and Timber…and Zartan we were talking about here!Needless to say i accepted the offer and now i own 3 Combat Heroes  🙂 I wanted this set mainly because of  Snake Eyes and Timber and thought they would be a unique pair to add to my small yet growing collection of Snake Eyes figures.It turns out that the Zartan figure is just as cool!His vest is made of  a translucent blue plastic that looks great when light shines through it.The pics i took demonstarting that are a little blurry because i took them without the flash.














G.I. Joe ROC-Zartan 8/27-9/2

One of my favorite characters from the G.I. Joe ROC movie was Zartan.Played  by actor Arnold Vosloo,the Zartan character was a ruthless and unforgiving assassin who cut first and asked questions later.He was bad a#$ in ROC and I believe he’ll be making an appearance in the new Retaliation movie as well.This was one figure I really wanted to get but could never find anywhere.I was finally able to track one down for  a decent price after several refined searches on eBay and now I can add him to the old ROC collection!Enjoy the pics 🙂

G.I. Joe POC Zartan

I read somewhere how the original 1980’s Zartan had such a flawless design that any other rendition  or reincarnation of him would be doing his character a great disservice.I can agree with that to some extent but i also believe that you can re create and modernize a character without straying too far from it’s original design.While the ROC version of Zartan looks nothing like the cartoon or comic book versions,it gives you a glimpse of what Zartan may have looked like before taking on his more iconic 80’s look.Then we have this version of him. The POC version of  Zartan does a good job of  blending in a little bit of the old school with his signature face paint and  hoodie  while adding in extras like a pet Falcon and alternate weapons .Staying true to the original,Zartan comes with a disguise, an alternate vest and head which can be switched out if ever you wanted to display him in stealth mode.I only wish they would have given him the ability to change color like the 80’s version did,but other than that this is a pretty good rendition of  Zartan. IMO the POC  line of Joes were a darn near perfect action figure as far as character design and quality went and even the packaging looked great. I’ll continue to hunt down more from this line in the future.

G.I. Joe POC Zartan



G.I. Joe POC Zartan 1/30-2/5

I recently picked this up on eBay and i’m pretty psyched about it considering these are no where to be found in stores and the 3 dollar shipping price was unbelievably low for a carded figure.I’ll post some pics of  Zartan loose as soon as i take him out of the package, but for now here he is carded.

G.I. Joe POC Zartan