1991 Marvel ToyBiz X-Men -Colossus 11/5-11/11

Another day,another ToyBiz action figure!Forgive my use of sports card terminology here,but I will refer to this as a  Colossus  rookie figure for it is the first toy rendition of everybodys favorite metallic mutant .Colossus has always been one of my favorite comic book characters because of  how strong and nearly indestructible he was. The hands on this figure really bugged me when I first saw these at a local Kay Bee but this gripe was quickly offset due to the fact that this was a friggin’ Colossus action figure!I was lucky enough to find this one cheap and in awesome condition with his dumb-bell accessory!I’m having a great time with these figures and the sheer ruggedness of the plastic and vibrant paint apps really make the ol’ toy shelf pop!