G.I. Joe Retaliation-Flint

I was going to pass on this figure at first,but picked it up anyways and i’m not disappointed.I think alot of  pics were taken of this Flint figure without his web gear,and that didn’t really help it’s popularity much.The web gear really evens things out here and puts the whole figure into better perspective.I love the removeable beret and the head sculpt for this figure is a real strong point.My only gripe would have to be the boots,as they could have been a little higher on the lower leg.I’m glad they opted not to put the Arashikage  sign on this sculpt as it would have been a real turn off. This version will be a nice place holder until the more movie accurate Ultimate Flint hits store shelves.








8 responses to “G.I. Joe Retaliation-Flint

  1. Looks like a cool figure. Funny-Sad story: My local Walmart set the aisle for Retaliation and than filled up all the pegs with Rise of Cobra figures. No joke. 😦

    Anyway, I couldn’t agree more about the Arashikage symbol. That’s been my biggest turn-off on this line. I’ll certainly pick this guy up once those 75 or so Rise of Cobra figures sell through.

    • That’s hilarious!I thought those figures to be extinct by now.Maybe i’ll run across a few ROC figs out here.Been wanting to add some more to the collection.I’m pretty sure they’ll be stocking those Retaliation figures soon with the movie set to release a few days from now.

    • It really is a semi-solid little figure.The color scheme is military-esque unlike the Retaliation Duke figure and it really fits in well with other figures.

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