G.I. Joe ROC-Gunship w/Firefly (red helmet variant)

With G.I. Joe Retaliation  coming out next month, i thought  it’d be a good idea to revisit the first film,ROC,by posting some movie screenshots along with some of the toys associated with the film.The Cobra Gunship made several appearances in the ROC film,predominantly in the beginning scenes and i believe towards the end as well. Apparently there were two releases,or variations of the gunship.One featuring a Firefly with a black helmet and this red helmet version.There is a  compartment on the top of the ship that holds three explosives. When activated, these small bombs drop from another small door located in the ships underbelly.Another cool feature are the small handles underneath the ship.You’re able to have your figures hang onto them directly or attach one of those cool zip lines that come with most of the Ninja Retaliation figures.I was lucky enough to find this on clearance years ago for about 5 bucks,not sure how much they go for now.But definitely pick one up if you get the chance.While not as iconic,it’s pretty much an updated,more futuristic version of the Cobra Fang imo.Enjoy the pics!













6 responses to “G.I. Joe ROC-Gunship w/Firefly (red helmet variant)

  1. This vehicle was one of my favorite things about that film. It looks like Cobra took a helicopter and modded it. I really dig the toy version. The compartment in the back makes it great for shuttling Cobra Commander around. It’s a simple toy, but it works.

    • Thanks figurefanzero!It really is a fun vehicle.I always have a hard time deciding who to put in the back seats.Maybe next time i’ll sit ‘ol C.C. back there 😉

    • I may sound like a cheapy,but i don’t buy many vehicles either,Buzz…unless they’re on clearance ;)And most of the ROC vehicles were selling for 5-7 bucks a piece at the time.

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