Lanard CORPS! – Hugo “Shadow” Ortiz

Every once in a while a couple of Lanard CORPS! figures manage to sneak their way into my collection and such is the case with  Shadow!Hugo “Shadow” Ortiz is affiliated with the covert ops branch of the CORPS and is a decent looking figure for the price.






 Lanard has provided a cool site for serious and/or casual collectors  of CORPS! figures.You’ll be able to access certain pages like the one shown below,of every member of the CORPS! team including the villains.You’ll only be able to access character bios if you become a member,which isn’t that big of a deal but it is nice to get a feel for a figures background.


10 responses to “Lanard CORPS! – Hugo “Shadow” Ortiz

    • I know it Hobby lol!I’m in transition right now so most of my stuff/props is packed away.I am,however,looking forward to taking some “outside” pics involving figures as my family and i love to hit the trails for some nature hiking.

  1. I really like the Corps line in it’s modern form, I’d like to see them release some more moulds though rather than repaints, maybe if they could put together some army builders I’d go with that. Their figures ooze personality and this one is no exception.

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